Yahoo Fails Compilation 4. 100+ thumbs and I put up 5 <br /> Come on! Just click the green for another Yahoo Fails sensation! . Oven On than Slim: an - .  Yahoo fails compilation

Yahoo Fails Compilation 4

100+ thumbs and I put up 5 <br />
Come on! Just click the green for another Yahoo Fails sensation!

Oven On than Slim: an - .
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Answers Hi Shun um e
I i new we new in runs: we term elm... nut
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a How do you save money on your grocery bill?
diamonds i want to budget on my groceries Any help?
7 minutes we e 4 days left w answer
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Answers (ll
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Resolved Question another '
I Should i have sex with my boyfriend?
men My boyfriend has cemented mes times saying we should have sex He doesnt
walla I' m a ? will he think curently?
in Report Anus:
than Question miner n
a Are there any brands of sunscreen for your eyes?
Jessica Not lace sunscreen, i was Just wondering inthere' s anything else you can use besides
sunglasses Thanks in l
l minute we -4 days lento answer
A mien ones
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men Bar g, v @Email in Save v
Spiritually speaking, how wrong is it to masturbate
while driving by a church?
Am I goingto hell’?
Resolved Question Show me another n
can hamsters go threw moutains?
holly l have a Gwyn hamster and i We in ND and am moving to ohio i was
wondring if he can go threw the mortallis l was told that his ears will bleed and /or
he will pop/
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H I spilled ml k on my sister' s pantie's?
THIS is AN EMERGENCYS i accidentally spill my cereal en my sister panties i need
to knew a really quick way to get milk out alxilky panties damaging them i
cant use the washer because she gets home in like 45 help weasel?
Also the milk is Slightly usual because i wink it was bad
l Vlaams we
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When should I tell my son God fake?
Proberbly My sen is 9 and he new knows that Santa is made up When do i tell m the truth
Quimby about Sod being made up too?
3 veers we
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Resolved Question Show me another '
B What school do you go to?
stalker i imjust wondering ige to (knee High School What high school do you go to its
lust interesting to near the names oi schools lei inn weird i
ll months we
Ad om Details
And what is you school schedule'??
ll months we
lei guys ml to stalk u in leaking 14 i cant even drive yet lei its Just
interesting to know what kind of school names were is em but you could at least tell
me your school schedule
P Ream Amuse
open Question
Why do I have
Matt G everytime i take a pee i look in bowl and theres always a single that is
Draong in my urine i have checked several times and i know that l was not there
below i took a pee
minutes Len w answer
in new Anus:
Resolved Question Show me another I
What is the
asy" of culinary arts?
iwish you me any resources J
3 Tophs we
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paintings and dremnus emit
3 months we
100% I Vote
one u T ll:
A: * v Banal @Commenet( o Save v
Open Question Show the another e
ks is it a to snea to the church to drink all the
Dapper , Communion wine?
Fisher Whiz
2 minutes we Joey: in ta answer
A swer Ones on
Fa Report ANNE
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#1 - abisomega (07/13/2010) [-]
XDD these i swear are the funniest ones!!!!
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