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Short Takes 5

Short Takes 5. Please rate and comment.<br /> /funny_pictures/379527/Short+Takes+4/<br /> /funny_pictures/142391/Short+Takes+3/<br /> /funny_p

Please rate and comment.<br />
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From the book &quot;Urban Legends&quot; by Thomas J. Craughwell.

Urban Legend Short Takes 5
F Bananas imported from Costa Rica are contaminated with necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterium
that devours human flesh.
F The CS. government forced Kentucky Fried Chicken to change its name to KFC because the
meat the fast food giant was serving to its customers was so pumped up with additives it could
not truthfully be called chicken.
F Kentucky Fried Chicken (in its days) paid millions of dollars to a customer who
found a fried rat in his bucket of chicken.
F Never eat pizza in Scandinavian countries. The ground meat topping is actually dog food.
F The first Mcdonals in Scandinavia was sued after garbage collectors found hundreds of
empty dog food cans in the restaurant? dumpster.
Mcdonals places a small amount of narcotic in its food to make it addictive.
The secret ingredient in France' s finest and most expensive wines is human blood.
Because it is made from prunes, Dr. Pepper is a soft drink and a laxative.
Mountain Dew shrinks testicles and makes men impotent.
Mountain Dew is an effective spermicide.
is an effective spermicide.
If you leave a human tooth in a glass of Coke overnight it will dissolve by morning.
paid millions of dollars to a woman who found a dead mouse in her bottle of
F Green M& M' s are an aphrodisiac.
F Tropical Fantasy, an inexpensive fruit drink that is sold exclusively in minority
neighborhoods, is owned by the Klux Klan and contains a drug that causes sterility.
F Hostess Twinkies aren' t baked; they congeal like Jello.
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Fm making more weather you like it or not.
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