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Just two corrections:
1. Laser can't be shot from something that moves faster than the speed of light because laser is basically light, only the futons are focused and the length of all waves is the same. That means that laser, when shot from anything that travels in a speed greater than the speed of light will fly back at the object and in that case will do damage to the spaceship.
Another explanation is that even if the laser moves in a greater speed than light seeing is the reflection of light from objects to your eyes which mean that the shooter won't be able to see his target.

2. The actor doesn't feel pain at the heat of the fight because of the adrenalin, and after the fight the adrenalin is appropriated from the body in the urine.

Facts 2 and 6 are reasonable.

Sorry for any misspelling and grammar errors, I'm from Israel and English is not my native language.
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except spaceships don't travel at the speed of light during combat.
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That's the whole point of the fact
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******* futon?!
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sorry I have no Idea how to spell that right
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Good to know, next time I'll have to describe lasers in English I'll write it correctly
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The first "i'll" should just be "i" in that sentence, just letting you know :)
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