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Vending Machines

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Sharks? Twitter
By David Emery, Aboat. com Guide June 29, mos
My Enid I Headlines I Forum
vending machines kill, sharks don' t, according to a July 4, 2003 Reuters
headline. The article quotes an LA. lifeguard who asserts that in spite of
the ubiquitous fear of shark attacks in this country’, "more people are killed
in the United States each year by vending machines," which smacks of an
urban legend but probably isn' t.
Isay "probably isn' t" because statistics pertaining to vending machine
deaths aren' t as easy’ to come by as data on shark attack fatalities, so it' s
difficult to draw a direct comparison. But f we look at 1995, for example -
the most recent year for which I was able to find an accounting of deaths due to vending
machine popovers - two gewgle died as a result of being crushed by falling soda machines in
Ads the us., as compared to zero deaths
in the same period.
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Fragst over 500. Moreover, according to the us. Consumer product
wwy_ _ dle{ F;, Safety’ Commission there were 37 known vending
machine fatalities between 1978 and 1995, for an
Am" average of 2. 18 deaths per veer. Caver the past
For use of all sorts offerd such as
grain, pellets Dr cereals. decade there were a total of six recorded shark
wwy. . attack fatalities in the LIE... for an average of .6
Secure FTP Server deaths per veer. Ergo, barring , drastic reduction in
Compliant at Scalable FTP Server far the frequency of vending machine accidents since
File Transfers. Free Evaluation! 1995, vending machines are indeed more deadly
I switched. ctom than sharks by a factor of almost four.
Are Vending Machines Deadlier than Follow me "m
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