Facts about some animals. humon.deviantart.com/ Is who made the drawings. I thought these were cool so I felt like sharing them.. Kiwi Bird wags: Their feathers Humon is awesome
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Facts about some animals

humon.deviantart.com/ Is who made the drawings. I thought these were cool so I felt like sharing them.

Kiwi Bird
wags: Their feathers are almost like fur. muse
t tire and hard
thing. She' .
The incubation period is 6392 days. the longest for any bird. when the chick is
hatched it' s like a small adult. ahead; being' able to walk. see. and covered in
feathers. it stays with its parents for a few years before starting a life of its own.
The lizard has three different male types who all use different tactics:
The orange themed. blue Mata. and yellow throated.
asiany femanists possible. Fe will ' t form
The blue thawed male is smaller. has less testosterone in km, and only has a territory big
will protest her and try to off attackers until she' s safe.
Lastly there' s the yellow mew male who' s colors closely resembles the females' and has no
territory of his own. Me lives in the outskirts of the orange themed male' s territory where he
with the females. Because the orange cheated male doesn‘ t spend much time
with the females they only around for territory and have no problem mating with another
male. edwina ablue throated doesn' twentyone
unearthed. to him and will turn the yellow throated down.
So it is like a game of : Orange beats blue, blue beats yellow. and yellow
beats orange.
Chimpanzees and mm are the closest relatives to humans. but though they share a lot
of traits they have chosen to do things very differently.
In chimpanzee society the biggest and strongest male' apes rule. while in bonobo society
the / tgt.' weaker females rule the stronger males by working together and using sex to
contr m.
In general everything is an excuse for sex in wow society. e . when tension is
rising. For example. if two males want the same female. insde of ti ting they' ll have sex
with each other. which lets out some tension as well reinforcing their friendsh' . or a
clitorises together to make . Or a male might start getting aggressive and a female will
gab him and give him a cud to make him relax.
Sex is a very casual thing for bonobos, and while chimpanzees has sexual taboos like
humans, there' s no such thing for bonobos. Everything goes in all combinations. and
bomb society is one of the most peached societies because of it.
They literally live by the motto ‘Make love, not war"
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#3 - dbanks (06/16/2012) [-]
I wish I was a bonobo
User avatar #2 - remilia ONLINE (06/15/2012) [-]
Bonobos... BORN TO BE **** .

Best ******* in the Animal hood ever
#1 - anonymous (06/15/2012) [-]
Good job in crediting. :D
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