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The Westburo Baptist Church is non-violent.
They don't kill gays.
They don't lynch blacks.
They don't bomb abortion clinics.
They simply attract a lot more media attention than any other ****** American church.
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It's a nice country if you actually go there...
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hey person from other country... check the pic
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This obnoxious behaviour is why people hate you.
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I'm from Australia.
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A lot of American explorers actually visit Australia now since they found out we have the purest species of ******* on the planet.
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and that makes us... ******* badass
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ADDRESS: another fu***ng planet
FROM:an american with more brain cells than you

you do realise that not only are australians allies with us, but our Marines are over there training with them, right? they fight alongside us. what have YOU done to help the world except sit on your butt all day?
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Just stop while you're already behind in the argument
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Also it was the UK's prisoners, yeah the UK is in Europe but there is a distinct difference between a country and a continent.
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Slow it down, man. We can only teach him one thing at a time.
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I would argue that the US shouldn't have them, considering they are the only people to ever use them and were the people that first constructed them.......
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>USA has the most nuclear weapons on the planet (pointing out that america is over-weaponised)
> ****** try to take them from us, we'll blow you to ****

You missed the point, asshat

And it's true, America preaches that they are trying to protect the world by removing large-scale weapons from unfit hands, yet they have enough nuclear warheads to drop 8 nukes on every single high population area in the world. And it's people like you that makes it clear how unfit America is to hold that amount of firepower (nobody in the world should.)
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He's not trolling. But the moment he's backed into a corner and can't think of a response, he'll claim he is.
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That's call progress, bro. The more time passes, the better weapons we get.

How does it feel knowing that Germany is once again about to become a world superpower, despite the restrictions on their military.
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Bitch, please, calm your horses
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Well, I suppose I can talk about the Siege of Tobruk. Fifty Australian soldiers were killed during the assault, and 27,000 Italians were captured. We then held out for a few months against Rommel.

Nowadays, Australian Special Forces are running around Afghanistan taking out strategic targets, and such, while our Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force has been rebuilding the area while training ANA Troops and local police.

We're taxing companies for the amount of Carbon they produce while looking at renewable energy to try and ****** the climate (your motorised scooters might be to blame for that).

But at the end of the day, I haven't done any of this. Nor did you, personally, land on the moon, or stop terrorists. At the end of the day, you're just a flag-waving nationalist prick, and no one likes that. Call me when you, yourself, actually make a difference in this world.
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Not really, you're just an obnoxious prick, as I stated earlier.

Your country was founded on freedom and liberty, get you operate prisons in other countries so you can avoid giving them the same rights as the people in your country.

Your poverty and unemployment rate is huge for a 'first world country'. Perhaps, if you love your country so much, you should go volunteer at a soup kitchen and help your countrymen.
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I've done fund-raising for multiple charities several years in a row. I've payed half of the money for a video game a kid wanted but didn't have enough money for while I was working multiple times. I'll be donating blood soon. When I have the choice, I'm donating all of my organs.

I can't even think of the amount of times I've run over to someone lying in the street to ask if they're okay.

Just little things like that. Being underage, I can't just go out to a shelter and help, but I do what I can.
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Leukemia Foundation and the Heart Foundation are the most recent. I've also done things for the Cancer Council, but not officially (just randomly helping friends who are actually signed up for it and **** , by fundraising with them, etc) and I helped out with the World's Greatest Shave.

You're the only one getting crazy, bro.
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That doesn't look like a US flag to me......
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ok, every army has at least one very bad @$$ guy. i could say a single US bomber took out an entire city in japan, we did that twice
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Bit of a difference there and Gurkha's do that sort of thing all the time, they are trained to take on enemies with firearms using a knife.
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How's killing civilians going for you, bro? Only you would glorify that.
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There were more ways to make Japan surrender without the bloodshed. You could've easily bombed somewhere else and said you're going to bomb them unless they surrender. ****** simple.
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Admittedly, and remember that this was at the climax of the war, the US sent Japan warnings and told them to surrender, wanting to avoid the highly inevitable battle between the US and Japan vying for control of the Pacific Ocean, but Japan wouldn't back down. Bombing Hiroshima was tactical, even if the amount of civilian deaths was extremely cruel and evil, there were multiple military bases in and around the city, which was why it was chosen.
HERE'S where it goes downhill. 3 days later America bombs Nagasaki of course, but this was a pointless waste of countless lives, again, civilians (I'm not sure of the military presence around Nagasaki), and was mainly for the US to show off their muscles to Russia, the next biggest nuclear power in the world. 3 days is a very short amount of time, and after Hiroshima, Japan was scrambling, trying to become organised and was leaning towards surrendering, but America would have none of that nonsense and jumped the gun to blow them to smitherines.

tl;dr: Hiroshima was the right thing for the US to do at the time
Nagasaki was equivilant to kicking a guy in the balls while he's on the ground due to the ball-kick you just gave him 3 seconds ago, just to make you look cooler in front of your friends. Except instead of bruised balls it was the deaths of millions of civilians.
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Argument over, this guy knows his ****
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Perhaps you should check your notifications...
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he just took a long time to respond
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Why did I get thumbed down?
and lol to you. Thumb.
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you called american church's ****** i resent that statment.
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I didn't. I called it one of America's ****** churches. No where in there did I call all American churches ****** . Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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