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User avatar #160 to #122 - yaarun (06/14/2012) [-]
technically, the original word "tzela" (from Hebrew) can be translated as "rib" or "side" (as in the side of a shape), meaning that Adam may have been created a 4-legged creature consisting of both a male and a female, and was split in 2.
TLDR: translations take some of the meanings away.
User avatar #170 to #160 - thescatmanohone (06/14/2012) [-]
well i can see the connection there...
the greeks believed man was first made with 4 arms, 4 legs, and two heads. but fearing the power of man, Zeus split them down the middle and made man.
User avatar #172 to #170 - yaarun (06/14/2012) [-]
only the greeks have selfish gods who only care about themselves and the jews (as reposted by christians) have a god who cares about his creations.
User avatar #175 to #172 - thescatmanohone (06/14/2012) [-]
i mean.. it's an understandable fear... for an ancient god... kinda how man fears a proverbial robot apocalypse if machines ever become sentient.
User avatar #195 to #175 - yaarun (06/14/2012) [-]
except gods are supposedly our betters in every aspect, so a better comparison would be fearing an ant apocalypse...
User avatar #196 to #195 - thescatmanohone (06/14/2012) [-]
there are millions of those ******* .... and they're strong too!
#198 to #196 - yaarun (06/14/2012) [-]
relative to their size, yes... relative to our strength? take it away, pikachu!
User avatar #201 to #198 - thescatmanohone (06/14/2012) [-]
i don't know man, there are those african army ants that could devour a grown man in minutes
User avatar #203 to #201 - yaarun (06/14/2012) [-]
we can still kill them with fire.
or water.
or chemicals.
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