2 dollar bill.. . The 2 Dollar Bill reissues“ Q - I ille, in: filth mum The 32 are . eeryone should start carrying tatami lam STILL i think we need to quit savi 2 dollar bill The Dollar Bill reissues“ Q - I ille in: filth mum 32 are eeryone should start carrying tatami lam STILL i think we need to quit savi
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2 dollar bill.

The 2 Dollar Bill
reissues“ Q -
I ille, in:
The 32 are . eeryone should start carrying tatami
lam STILL i think we need to quit saving our its bins and bring them out in public, The younger generation absent know they
On my way home that were at Taco son for e sures bite to set. in my birthed are a see our and s as our timers that with a so -'
are acen get something to eat and not have to may about anyone getting imitated at me for trying to break a 350 out
Q Tii, to this one burrito please, to "
Haiti be aif, 04, Est tit?‘
Tha, its to this point, i open my ' oid and hand him the its bin. He testis at it kind of many
server; ‘Uh. neng on a sec, in be nant been .
He goes to rain to his manager, who is shit within my earshot. The kowtowing conversation occurs between the two ofthem:
Server: ‘Hey, you ever see a so bill?"
Mt A What?"
t Server: as are This guy Just gave it to me. .
Manager: Mat for something eras. There' s no such thing as a bib. .
I Gigs; "roan, thought so. R
He comes back to me and says, We dent fake these Do you have anything ates?‘
hits; "Just this Mr Ted dent tetra Wits? Why?''
Server: ‘i dent know R -1.
Q "See hem where it says legal tender?‘
server: math.''
hie: "So, why wont you tetra it?‘
Server, Mee, hang on a sec. "
He goes been to his manager, who has been watching me this i' m a enemies: and says to him, ‘He says i have to tetra it. R
Mane an ‘ have anything eisa t"
server; "rose. a titty. i' ii get it and you can open the sets and get change I s'
Main Tm not opening the safe with him in here. R
Manager: ‘Teri him to come been tater when he has rest money.‘
i Senior? "i cant tab him then You tab hmmf
dust our him.,"
e. We we y? This is weird. going in beer. -
The manager approaches me and says, Tm sorry, but we dent tetra big bins this time at night. .
ii are only seven : loceri Wait then, here' s a two dollar bib. .
We dent tetra those, either.‘
r, "l you Jotos why.‘
Mg: ready, why.‘
Malay Thease teams before Matt mart
s htat; ‘Excuse me?"
Manager: 'Please leave before Mair mart security. q
ME: ‘iterates earth for?‘
Manager: ‘Hesse. sir.‘
his "tht, go ahead, call them,"
wouid you pisses just move?‘
s Maggy: ‘Fine - have it your way then. .
Hey. that' s Burger King, isn' t ?'
At this point, he Backs awe y item me and carts mall security on the phone around the corner. i have two people staring at me item the
dining area. and i begin laughing out loud, just tor attest. A few minutes tater this - guy
Comes in.
Guard: “teen, Mitre, when up?‘
t Manager : "This guy is trying to give me some {pause} funny money.‘
Manage "Get this .- A two donor our -
were too us J ‘why some a guy tetra e two donor bird‘
Manager: "f dent mow. He' s kinda weird. iota says the only other thing he has is a tny.''
Guard: on, so tits tiers reiter-
Egg "No, the Mm miter bib is. -
Guard: may wouid he fake a two donor bill?"
Maggi; "l dent moist can you more to him. and get him out others?‘
Security Guard walks over to ms and .... ..
Georg: ‘Mitre hers tetra his you have some tetra this were trying to use.‘
Guard.‘ "Lemme see 'em."
I Guard: its you want me to get the caps in here?"
errors point ism ready to soy, ‘sure. please?" out i user to set, so issy "tweet trying to tray a some and as y not it with this two donor
f put the our up near his face, and he tranches titre Fro taking a swing at him. He takes the bin, turns it over a me times in his hands, and
says, Tter, Mitre, whats wrong with this bin?‘
Maggy: ‘it' s tetra.‘
t Guard: doesn' t toes tetra to his q p;
Manager: "But its a two miter his -
Main "Well, there' s no such thing, is there?"
The security guard and i both took at him this has an idiot, and it dawns on the guy that he has no clue,
so it turns out that my burrito was has and he threw in a smart drink and some entrees cinnamon , too.
Made me want to get a whore stack of Mo donor bins Just to see what happens when thy to buy stub’. it i got the right group of peopie, i
come probabky and up in fan. We get free mad there, too.
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