Best creepypasta. Yes this is a repost, but I want to share one of the greatest creepypastas I've ever read... TL;DR.. go back and read it. amazing. story creepy hou
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That story was LONG AS **** .
But it was WORTH IT AS **** .
I have no suitable reaction to that.
So here is a drawing.
It's from a livestream of MicTheMicrophone while he was away and we all were telling whoever was in his stead to draw weird **** in this picture.
I said the giant dick with tentacle. I got the giant dick with tentacles.
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For those who don't know who MicTheMicrophone is, he is a GIANT name in pony music.
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TL;DR.. go back and read it. 			*******		 amazing.
TL;DR.. go back and read it. ******* amazing.
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But i thought his friend failed...
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Eh, it's okay. Interesting premise, but it plays out like a badly written horror story, which is what it effectively becomes. Miscellaneous gripes: room 3 was THE DARKEST POSSIBLE but room 9 was EVEN DARKER, HOW CREEPY, I mean, there is a limit to darkness people, once you can't see anything at all because there is a complete absence of light, as described in room 3, you can't go darker than that; the ending perhaps might have been more effective if they hadn't already done the whole 'you think it's over and he goes home but it's STILL GOING' thing halfway through the story; loopholes such as why in the name of hell would Peter Terry tell his past friend about the freak show supernatural events he had just gone through instead of, I don't know, not telling other people so they don't have to go through the same ordeal; the writing in general is not too great and the story has too much cliched horror elements (seriously, while seeing your parents slaughtered on your kitchen floor with their disembodied hands crawling towards you would surely be terrifying in real life, reading about it makes it seem more comical than creepy).

A good creepypasta needs a single, eerie and memorable element, which this one has with the whole premise of the NoEnd house. But generally, most of the rest of this story is fairly forgettable and predictable.

Still, somewhat entertaining to read. And don't ask me why I just did a 1500 character review of some random creepypasta on FunnyJunk.
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That was awesome. Sincerely.
That was awesome. Sincerely.
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how did his friend come and tell him about the house if he'd been inside / never gotten out since it's NO END HOUSE?
just saiyan..
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inb4 red thumbs and "OMG YOU RETARD"
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He could have been told that telling his friends about the house is the only way out, and they could have given him a computer, lol.
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well gosh darn, the mastermind of masterminds got a solution.. thanks ^^
actually been thinking about it alot..
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funny enough i read this while it was in the review page, last year or something, it's actually pretty good.
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