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#287 - TrevorNorris (06/13/2012) [-]
I wish there were a zombie survival game, like, no point except survival. You horde supplies, find places to stay (All buildings are able to be entered) you board up windows, you have to go and find ammunition at various places (Supermarkets etc.) and you try to find survivors. A zombie sandbox game, that'd be the sheeeeet.
User avatar #322 to #287 - counteractive (06/13/2012) [-]
Its called ARMA 2 Dayz mod. But It is impossible for me to download for some reason. All these ******* online tutorials dont help.
User avatar #332 to #322 - TrevorNorris (06/13/2012) [-]
Yeah, I've seen it, I just don't have a good PC, I just have a basic laptop, I am looking into getting a desktop and working from that to getting a good PC that can run games, I am gonna put $50-75 back from each check and try to get/build a gaming computer.
User avatar #302 to #287 - Abortedwafflez (06/13/2012) [-]
Well,it's not a sandbox, but that's pretty much ZombiU. Looks pretty good.
#297 to #287 - gtastuntdude (06/13/2012) [-]
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A bit different from what you have in mind, but it is a fairly large sandbox survival. You need Arma II: Operation Arrowhead to play it though....Which makes me sad that I don't have it.
#290 to #287 - thice (06/13/2012) [-]
Call Rockstar or Bethesda now. that sounds like an awesome game
User avatar #296 to #290 - TrevorNorris (06/13/2012) [-]
I contacted Rockstar, I REALLY hope that it makes it to someone important.
User avatar #289 to #287 - action (06/13/2012) [-]
I would love that, honestly. I used to love those type of things when i was younger like I'd have an "alien attack" with my cousins and we'd all grab food, water, and toys and hide in the bathroom. I don't really like the idea of killing zombies, because I'd be so stunned I wouldn't be able to shoot
User avatar #291 to #289 - thice (06/13/2012) [-]
So you're saying is that you would hesitate on shooting a virtual zombie that wont hurt you irl?
User avatar #292 to #291 - action (06/13/2012) [-]
No. I meant in real life.
User avatar #293 to #292 - thice (06/13/2012) [-]
User avatar #294 to #293 - action (06/13/2012) [-]
Yeah, sorry about that. My friend thinks theres gonna be a zombie apocalypse and makes me "prepare" with her by playing L4D
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