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OB's Story pt 16

They are gone... All gone...
The infected attacked us and they took Joseph. I had to save him, I Just had to. I went
out of the door when they took him, and I hunted them down. There was sort of a
primal instinct that took over.
I Followed them as the others were Fighting the other infected. I watched where they
took Joseph and I went up to the door of the room they took him into. I watched
through a glass window in the door. They were attacking him, and he was trying to
lend them off.
I threw a punch at the door, and it split. I broke through it and saw Joseph still being
mauled. I took one of them try the back of it' s shirt and threw him against the wall. The
other one tried to hit me but I ducked out of the way. Joseph hit that one over the head
a couple times bedore the first got up. When it got up irom hitting the wall, it staggered
over to me and Joseph non in front of me. I saw a blade in that infected' s hand, and I
knew I couldn' t let Joseph die.
I took Joseph and I pushed him aside as the infected swung the k iie. It cut my chest
and I didn' t even feel I think I' m becoming stronger and more in control, but I can' t
control it all of the time. When the knife hit me, that thing inside me went crazy. I saw
my arm swang down on its arm. It' s arm shattered and it Booked up at me. I saw my
other arm come down and club him in the head. His head nearly exploded and the
liquid Brain inside sprayed all over Joseph and me.
Joseph spoke to me that time. He said that everything was okay. He told me that I
would be the one to change how it will be. He said he infected me, so I could save all oi
those who weren' t infected yet.
I could hear Jess screaming ior me in the other room, about 2 hallways away. I ran back
there, running into a iew infected on the way. Joseph was right behind me and took
care of them though. I got to the room and I saw Jess Aying with an infected on top or
her. It was about to bite her neck and I blacked out.
I' m aware now though. I stopped Hacking out when I killed it. I saw Jess Booking up at
me and she started to cry. I picked her up on of the noor and she backed away irom me.
I could see she was scared but I had no idea why, until now that is.
All three of them backed away irom me. I could feel something inside driving me to kill
turned around and saw some more infected I drove my hand through one of them and
threw it into another. They both crumbled and I moved on to the next one. I grabbed its
arm and I pulled. I broke it on pretty easily and I slammed it against its head. It broke
through the side o its skull and I saw its eyes close.
The Feeling got stronger, so I had to Fatt more. my about 20 minutes of what I can
remember, I could feel nothing but anger. What I saw in that room that they took
Joseph to was . Joseph knew about it, and he needed me to know. I
think this was planned. He took us here on purpose, to show me what happened.
There were vials oi some clear liquid that smelled humble, even compared to rotting
I took one of them bedore there was noise outside that I could hear. The doors to
the building opened and some Booking men walked in. They weren' t infected,
and they Booked important. They had black suits on and short cut hair with sunglasses
on. one of them had a book and the other had a Faptop computer and a briefcase.
They came to the room where I was at and I hid in the small closet that was in the
comer. I watched as they picked up the vials and put them in the briefcase. The
briefcase had something written on it, but I couldn' t quite read it. All I saw was the
letters ASIA. I assum s some government thing because that' s what these guys
Booked Iike.
The one with the book opened it and opened the Faptop too. The man with the
briefcase sat it down on the table. He walked back to the Faptop and the one with the
book started telling him what to type. I saw the laptop' s screen, and I' m going to
write it down the best I can.
uncontained infection substance-
Name: Virus
Technicians: Dr. Emma Vanburen, Dr. Ally Saunders
Virus symptoms: Heavy breathing of subject
Primary basic motor skills Backing
severe vomiting of subject
The rest of the screen was too hard to read, but I could remember all of that, besides
probably misspelling the names.
I could see them type in a code but I can' t remember what it was. It shut down all of the
g though. The lights went out and I could see them close the
laptop and walk out. I left the closet and I ran back to the room where the others were. I
didn' t see any of them.
I went out into the hallway and screamed ior Jess. I didn' t hear any response then, but I
wandered the halls ior a good 5 minutes. I heard Jess aider about 10 minutes of sitting
there aider giving up. Joseph took them down into the basement to keep them sair irom
those guys. I see the clothes of some of the infected that were attacking us,
didn' t see those men with the tines.
I walked down into the Basement and I told them what happened. They Just looked at
me and they must' known. Joseph talked to me. He told me that after he took them
down into the Basement he went up to see who they were. Then men started shooting
the rines. He got out of their way without them noticing.
We' re down in the Basement now and I can see everything Just fine. t' s extremely dark
down here and the others can' t seem to see very well. I keep iee ing a sharp pain in my
leg though.
Day 366
That vial broke inside my pocket. It cut me and the liq d in got into my
something I' never felt bedore, a need. A need to eat. I can see their Faces st
them all.
My grandfather found this book " years after the infection
started. Everyone thinks that this was a myth to scare people
into behaving. I know it a ttle differently now.
Th s story w I be expanded w the next
part of the series starting next week'.
OB Loves You
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