Creepy myth 6 (rp). A guy named Blazeone has been reposting my myths posts with my permission, because so many new people have not seen them, and he hasnt repos whomadewho myths

Creepy myth 6 (rp)

Creepy myth 6 (rp). A guy named Blazeone has been reposting my myths posts with my permission, because so many new people have not seen them, and he hasnt repos

A guy named Blazeone has been reposting my myths posts with my permission, because so many new people have not seen them, and he hasnt reposted one in a while, they have been doing well, so I thought I would go ahead.
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Creepy Myths 6
I mean really, who needs sleep?
Under the mattress
A couple checks into a hotel and have to put up with a foul odor in
their room all night. They call the staff to complain and somebody
figures out the stench is coming from the bed. Now, there' s no way
that scenario is going to have a good ending. You' re almost hoping
at that point that it' ll turn out the last guest just got drunk and
pooped behind the headboard. But, no, the staff take oft the
matress and discover the couple has been sleeping over the rotting
body ofa dead girl who had been stuffed in the box spring.
This Woodsman was in a forest when he noticed it was getting dark
so he decided to go home, but got lost. He found this old motel that
looked like it hadn' t been used in a while, but went inside anyways.
He called out, to see if anyone was there, but no one answered. He
was really tired so he decided to go to sleep and explain to the
manager in the morning. He noticed a room, with the door open
and could clearly see a bed, all the way down the other side ofthe
hall. So, he walked towards it when he noticed all the portraits on
the walls, staring at him, following him. Thinking it was just him, he
kept walking. When he got in the room he went to sleep instantly.
When he woke up, he went to go back to the entrance ofthe motel
to explain, as he had planned. But he saw something that made his
blood freeze in his veins. there were never any portraits. just
Thump, Thump, Drag
A teenage put the kids she was watching to sleep in their
beds and went back downstairs. The late night news was on the TV,
the reporter said a psychopath from a local mental institution was
on the loose and that police thought he might be in the area. He
cautioned residents to lock their doors and windows because this
guy was very, very dangerous. Well, the teenager checked the locks
on the windows and the doors, but she forgot the door on the cellar
bulkhead. Later that night, the children heard some noises
downstairs, but thought it was the moving some
furniture around. Then it got real quiet. All they heard for the
remainder of the night was this noise: "Thump! Thump! Drawfag...
Thump'. Thump'. Drawfag..." Evidently, they were too afraid to get
up to see what it was. In the morning, their parents came home and
were horrified to find the babysitter at the top of the stairs, dead
with both arms hacked off at the elbows. She' d been climbing the
stairs on the bloody stumps of her arms, pulling her badly injured
body along.
In the town , Delaware, a man hung himself
from a tree near a busy road on a Tuesday night. The body
managed to hang there until the next day and was viewed by many
unwitting spectators before somebody realized it wasn' t a
decoration and finally called the police.
Snakes in toilets
More now than ever, people who sit down on the you to
relieve themselves are being bitten by venomous snakes. The
culprits include water moccasins and copperheads. Or in this case
I was reminded of this by Goodgood' s post of the cobra in toilet,
which i used one of the pictures.)
Crybaby bridge
A teenage couple were on their way home when the car stalled on a
railroad bridge. As the young man examined the engine to see if he
could find the problem, he heard the sound ofa baby crying. After
a few minutes the engine again roared to life, not wanting to alarm
his date he didn' t mention the strange sounds he heard. Later, he
found out that it was in that area long ago a young girl who' d
hidden her pregnancy died while giving birth alone. The baby had
eventually died from lack of care, no one had heard it' s cries that
One last kiss
One day a worker fell into a large piece of equipment. His
legs were crushed and his torso was haplessly stuck. The paramedics
said that ifthey pulled him out it would kill him, and if they left
him there he' d die soon. They gave him some painkillers and his
fellow workers called his wife to come by immediately. The woman
ran to her husband, they exchanged a few words and a kiss, and
called for the machine to be turned back on.
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#63 - praytothegodofswag **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#162 to #63 - brutalnooodle (06/11/2012) [-]
I remember hearing about that before... it was supposedly on Halloween so people thought it was just an incredibly realistic Halloween decoration. But then the next day, they could actually see it properly in the light.
#65 to #63 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
I thought it might have been halloween and OP forgot to mention it.
#64 to #63 - praytothegodofswag **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #491 to #64 - psychoassassin (06/11/2012) [-]
Early/late halloween decoration?
User avatar #30 - iatepandas (06/11/2012) [-]
I'm going to go cover every window in my house now.
#72 to #30 - brennanx (06/11/2012) [-]
You don't have windows. Only portraits.
User avatar #31 to #30 - whomadewho (06/11/2012) [-]
whatif its already in the house?
#43 to #31 - Bigmk (06/11/2012) [-]
I don't want to think that way
I don't want to think that way
#74 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
Ok the baby sitter story is completely retarded. Her ARMS were hacked off, nothing else! Just walk up the stairs you dumb bitch, stop yo squabbin
User avatar #490 to #74 - mrbeany (06/11/2012) [-]
It said the rest of her body was badly injured.
#238 to #74 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
Or yell for help?
#109 - alameusername (06/11/2012) [-]
babysitter's arms chopped off... so she didn't climb the stairs with her legs..? am i missing something?
User avatar #114 to #109 - nicpnine (06/11/2012) [-]
at the elbows though
#120 to #114 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
Doesn't affect her ability to walk.
User avatar #135 to #120 - blueballzdeep (06/11/2012) [-]
If her body was badly beaten causing possibly broken bones or tendons cut or unable to push herself on her feet she used the remainder of her arms to pull her.
#122 to #109 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
Thump Thump Draaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaag
#155 to #109 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
i thought the thumping was her being pulled down the stairs by the axe murderer
User avatar #317 to #109 - samxdaxman (06/11/2012) [-]
and she never screamed for help while having her arms chopped off?
User avatar #126 to #109 - helloimawesome (06/11/2012) [-]
assuming that story is real..she probably couldn't push herself up on account of her missing her arms
User avatar #450 to #126 - meganinja ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
but she was on the stairs. not that hard to do even without stairs.
#128 to #109 - bagofshenanigans (06/11/2012) [-]
".. pulling her badly injured body along..."

Maybe it implies that she had the living **** hacked out of her whole body, but the only dismemberment was her arms. I doubt an axe murderer would chop off someone's arms and leave.
User avatar #66 - odonnell (06/11/2012) [-]
******* windows.
When ever a scary moment happens with a window or mirror, it ******* terrifies me more than any other point.
#68 to #66 - hydromatic (06/11/2012) [-]
Well **** you too ****** !
#139 - pulu (06/11/2012) [-]
The decoration made me think: '' **** , if I ever end up committing suicide i'll do it on halloween by hanging myself outdoors''
#553 to #139 - poopmanz (08/11/2013) [-]
There was a man who was killed in his front yard on halloween, everyone thought his dead body was decoration.
#410 - redclover ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
MFW woodsman story.
#82 - ceitoo (06/11/2012) [-]
#112 to #82 - alameusername has deleted their comment [-]
#271 to #112 - ImHitler (06/11/2012) [-]
If you click the picture, it enlarges.
#125 to #112 - superassassin (06/11/2012) [-]
Yeah, sometimes it sucks being black
User avatar #113 to #112 - ceitoo (06/11/2012) [-]
enlarge it :p
#141 to #113 - alameusername has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #152 to #141 - ceitoo (06/11/2012) [-]
well it doesn't get blurry for me
#416 to #82 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
well, how the 			****		 am i going to sleep now.
well, how the **** am i going to sleep now.
User avatar #395 to #82 - furyofthestorm (06/11/2012) [-]
woops. read that as **** in her son for a second... ******* internet.
#131 to #82 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
That is scarier than any of the myths in the post, I shall not sleep tonight- thank you good sir
(mfw pic related- her reaction when seeing the boy)
#83 to #82 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
I got chills down my spine by this. :<
User avatar #138 to #83 - bbrunner (06/11/2012) [-]
it didn't brother me until i looked at the picture
#407 - walkingdisaster (06/11/2012) [-]
The portrait one is the only one of these in all 6 volumes that actually creeped me out.
The portrait one is the only one of these in all 6 volumes that actually creeped me out.
#443 - thesmilyingdawg (06/11/2012) [-]
a man hanging on a tree is a decoration?
User avatar #455 to #443 - themaaster ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
maybe it was near halloween
#456 to #443 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
coulda been Halloween
User avatar #453 to #443 - heartlessrobot (06/11/2012) [-]
In kentucky it's family tradition.
#95 - itjusthappened (06/11/2012) [-]
Is it me or does it seem like mental instatutes for the criminally insane seem a little unsecure, and the raging phycopath who some how escapes just happens to be in the area and find a home with a babysitter?
User avatar #106 to #95 - xbfmvxreaperx ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
It's equally likely to have found the babysitter as anyone else.
User avatar #110 to #106 - itjusthappened (06/11/2012) [-]
everyone has an equal chance yeah but its always the damn babysitter they find.
User avatar #111 to #110 - xbfmvxreaperx ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
Yeah, I suppose...
User avatar #116 to #95 - mion ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
Guess babysitting is ******* dangerous in the US :D
User avatar #117 to #116 - itjusthappened (06/11/2012) [-]
Who's to say it not where you are. dramatic DUN DUN DUN.
User avatar #118 to #117 - mion ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
Well... there are no institutions for psychopathic killers near us, I guess I'm safe here :o
User avatar #119 to #118 - itjusthappened (06/11/2012) [-]
well played good sir, well played.
#6 - hewenttojareds (06/10/2012) [-]
the Under The Mattress one is real and actually did happend
User avatar #22 to #6 - aliciaisawesome (06/11/2012) [-]
Katawa Shoujo :) Great game.
#49 to #22 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
that one person who feels the need to show everyone they know references, like 'hey, i'm updated!'
#512 - randumbuser (06/11/2012) [-]
< not a picture
#405 - zilver (06/11/2012) [-]
MFW I read that portrait myth
#349 - antimainstream (06/11/2012) [-]
The portrait one almost made me 			****		 my pants.. oh lord, why do i rustle my jimmies right about bedtime??
The portrait one almost made me **** my pants.. oh lord, why do i rustle my jimmies right about bedtime??
User avatar #358 to #349 - DMRlacrosse (06/11/2012) [-]
the creatures are awesome and you are awesome
#368 to #349 - nuculardonkey (06/11/2012) [-]
#465 - gryx (06/11/2012) [-]
Why can't the babysitter just walk up the stairs?
Why can't the babysitter just walk up the stairs?
#486 to #465 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
Hard to manage the balance and coordination of walking with that much blood loss?
#503 to #465 - dameush (06/11/2012) [-]
User avatar #473 to #465 - Garude ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
(badly injured body)
#477 to #465 - sunnyday ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Well... you know uhh... I have a really simple way to answer this...

...Umm... **** knows...
User avatar #476 to #465 - Zaitsev (06/11/2012) [-]
And what the **** does "Dra-aag" sound like?
User avatar #288 - seniorpokeman (06/11/2012) [-]
Thump-Thump drag:
"Oh, look at that, my arms are hacked off. I'm not gonna scream or whine or anything though. ***** for pussies."
Seems legit
User avatar #301 to #288 - traycepickering (06/11/2012) [-]
It is just a myth, but if you are scared enough you can lose the ability to scream or even make sounds.
User avatar #344 to #301 - masterboll (06/11/2012) [-]
because evolution wanted us to die
User avatar #452 to #288 - meganinja ONLINE (06/11/2012) [-]
"oh look at that, my arms are hacked off. That seriously impedes my ability to walks up stairs..."
#454 - anon (06/11/2012) [-]
You call this **** scary? The pimples on Fat Bastard's ass are scarier than this.
#435 - goonmcnasty (06/11/2012) [-]
Never have any of these posts worried me or even scared me, i actually like them as stories, but ******* hell she won't stop looking into me.
User avatar #442 to #435 - banush (06/11/2012) [-]
She looks up my bung hole.. into me
#446 to #435 - winningthegame (06/11/2012) [-]
looks like cameron diaz
User avatar #447 to #446 - goonmcnasty (06/11/2012) [-]
My mum has some resemblance to this picture and it's creeping me the **** out.
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