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User avatar #203 - shamefulhumor
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(06/11/2012) [-]
I had an alcoholic father that trashed my gaming consoles in a petty drunk tyrade a few months prior to me moving out, he is emotionally abusive, possible because Im bigger then him. I left a household where my family with the exception of my mother would harass me to their hearts content, if i retaliated Doug would threaten to have me removed by police. Both of my siblings are given everything, Computers, vehicles, and college funds and they bitched every day i lived their about mommy and daddy not fronting them.

I was not allowed to have consoles or computers in the house, yet both of my siblings have iphones and Laptops payed for by daddy doug, No one could really blame me for running my knuckles across his face when I left, "You'll never do anything with your life" Yea, well congratulations **** head, you've alienated your oldest child, and your already abusing the next one down because you can't manage your ******* drinking.

I hope this "lump" He's getting checked is a ******* tumor.
#223 to #203 - steavo
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You punched your dad? Holy ****. I wouldn't have the balls to even talk back to my dad (he's an battle-hardened ex-marine, buff as ****.) Luckily, he's nice as ****. Nicest person I've ever met. Never yells, lenient as hell. My mom on the other hand, she yells at me because I didn't clean something right, or yells at me for no ******* reason. She always is screaming at my sister because she spends some money on bud, I can't wait until she finds out I smoke. It's amazing how my dad can stay with her throughout all of these years. My mom broke my $250 longboard (that I worked my ass off to get, then my amazing father gave my $100 to help out.) The bitch always goes through my stuff, expecting to find drugs (which I've hidden in a beast-as-tits spot.) She makes me take drug tests, and anything lower than a "B" on my repost card, she screams at me for an hour. She never lets me sleep because she's always yelling at me or my sister. Sometimes, I want to hit her when she talks crap about my sister (my sister, 18 years old. By far my best friend, she always takes the fall for me when my mom finds drug paraphernalia in the house which is mine.) My mom always says "Don't be like your sister, she's a no-good druggie!" When she says that, I want to just knock her the **** out. It hurts so much, knowing that my mom doesn't give a **** about me, she just uses me as a stress relieving toy. I honestly won't cry when she dies, I'll cry for my dad, knowing he lost his wife. But my mom, she can go **** herself.
#231 to #223 - anon id: 21770d79
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That story... Touched my heart. D: I feel your pain.
User avatar #228 to #223 - shamefulhumor
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Well, man, it sounds like your mother is overbearing, but not cruel and vindictive, I can't judge you, but I know when my mother was overbearing it was because she was worried about me, being an independent adult lets me see that she was really just looking out for me.

MY father on the other hand, threw Ice cubes at me when he was done with his drinks, beat me when I was younger and said if I was going to kill myself to do it out of state so my mother wouldn't have to see my fat corpse.

Your mother may not have the facilities to talk to you in a productive way, but it sounds like her bigotry is from a place of concern. My father was never impressed by my triumphs but always there to criticize my short comings.

By no means was I perfect, I was lazy, Sideways socially, and a bit awkward, but Even as an adult I still cannot see where my fathers actions where motivated by,other then a pure place of lament and embarrassment of me.

Give it time, Your mom may one day turn out to be all right. But your on the inside of the jail now, and I understand the anger.
#216 to #203 - notalfewtag
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(06/11/2012) [-]
**** yes.

I don't even know you, but you just gained +30 respect points with me.
User avatar #224 to #216 - shamefulhumor
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Yep, and Im doing better then him, Im a car salesmen now, I'll be making more then him in a few years, I never set foot in a college, though I'm not bragging about my lack of formal education, Im letting those who may be disenfranchised with life, that you are the only one who makes yourself, my father was my high school bully the only difference is he saw me more then 6 hours a day, and i couldn't escape it.

But it get better, for any high school kid with a bad rap, for any kid struggling at home, I can tell you, if you work for it, if you really try, you can succeed where your antagonists have failed.

You gotta move forward, Allow yourself to grow on the promise of the being better then those who doubt you, its all the more sweet when you break them.
When you see how far you've come, you can look back on them, and they'll see just how Wrong they where, and all without you saying a word.
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