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Welcome to the pony-slaughter club
Welcome to the pony-slaughter club
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Good choice
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but they are soo...cute
but they are soo...cute
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It's what pinkie would want.
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And therein lies the problem in your life.

You're taking advice from a technicolor donkey
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And how is Smile and live a happy life bad advice?

I may have a few..."Problems" in life but believe me, taking advice from a "technicolored donkey" is NOTHING compared to my real problems.

Written Smiling, Anon
#91 to #89 - klondikemonster (06/10/2012) [-]
"A smile and live-happy life" as you call it could not be more dull. I want to experience the downs and ups of life, because if there was only good things starting from today, I wouldn't honestly be able to cope with anything.

Say that I want to transfer to a college with a low acceptance rate and I've worked hard as **** in school for my entire life to get there and get accepted. That would probably be my most prideful and jubilant moment in my entire life.

Now if the situation was mirrored but I got accepted simply because I was supposed to have a "smile and live-happy life" I have no sense of entitlement, no sense of belonging, no sense of pride in myself.
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I could say that money and worth doesn't matter and that all I want and need is happiness, but then I would be called unrealistic and stupid so I'm just going to end this here with...a...SMILE!
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