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#161 - heavymetalhalberd
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(06/07/2012) [-]
Here are a couple of interesting "A Clockwork Orange" facts:

>During WWII, soldiers broke into the home of Anthony Burgess, the author of the novel, and raped his wife. This inspired the "Singing in the Rain" rape scene.

>At one point in the movie, Alex is talking to a couple of young ladies in a music shop, and he asks them about a group called "The Heaven 17." There's an actual group with that same exact name, and they got it from the movie.

>Malcolm McDowell knew that the Ludovico Treatment scene would take longer to film than Stanley Kubrick told him it would. His thoughts: "This is Stanley Kubrick, after all."
#163 to #161 - arearea
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(06/07/2012) [-]
Heath Ledger was actually inspired by McDowells portrayal of alex
#164 to #163 - heavymetalhalberd
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(06/07/2012) [-]
That's actually pretty neat. It sure explains why I enjoy Heath's performance.