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#14 - kingpongthedon
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(06/05/2012) [-]
But what if I eat a grape one? What sort of monster would be willing to put people through that kind of torture?
#26 to #14 - mutilatedjello
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(06/05/2012) [-]
I dont know about you guys, but i ******* love grape candies.
#23 to #14 - fudgeandjunkies
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(06/05/2012) [-]
EATING GRAPE SKITTLES AS A KID: "Grape is my favorite. I love grape."
EATING GRAPE SKITTLES NOW: "Oh God, why? Why would they make such things available to children?"
#19 to #14 - forasecond
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(06/05/2012) [-]
>they're never the right flavor
>eat only grape colored ones
>they'll never taste like grape
#24 to #19 - kingpongthedon
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(06/05/2012) [-]
From a purely economical standpoint, this is a terrible idea. I'd only be eating 20% of the product, compared to the 80% I eat in the standard pack. Plus, to properly enjoy Skittles, you have to separate the flavors out from each other. If I'm going to buy foods that have specific flavors, I'd like to taste those flavors. I'd have to eat them individually. I probably eat around 5-7 skittles per handful, but with your suggestion that'd drop to one. On top of that, visual cues are a huge factor in the taste of something. Without the aid of proper coloration, the flavors wouldn't be properly processed by the brain and my enjoyment would likely be diminished. So, with your idea, I'd spend 4x the cash and use roughly 6x more effort and still get less satisfaction than I get from the normal pack. I think I'm going to keep buying the regular pack.
#30 to #24 - sporkbacon
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(06/05/2012) [-]
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#18 to #14 - glamoiglia
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(06/05/2012) [-]
What sort of monster would make the grape ones? They don't even taste like grapes..
#32 to #18 - wutangconspirator
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(06/05/2012) [-]
they taste like purple
#33 to #32 - glamoiglia
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(06/05/2012) [-]
Holy ****. You're right.