Things I've Learned From Left 4 Dead 2. Sequel! /funny_pictures/377672/What+I+ve+Learned+from+Bioshock/. Ten Things I Learned From Left 4 Dead 2 L Shooting your left Four dead two for fails fallacys
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Things I've Learned From Left 4 Dead 2

Ten Things I Learned From Left 4
Dead 2
L Shooting your partner with a shotgun causes them to be mildly annoyed
and feel the pain of a bee sting.
2. Shooting above the head of a witch won' t annoy her, but shining your
flashlight at her will.
3. Bandages: Cure ANY wound with nary a cosmetic difference.
A. Novelty/ Replica Kaunas are just as effective as a Fireman' s Axe.
5. A cricket bat can take out Eds at a time. A shotgun can kill 3.
iii. if you are a skinny, blonde female and you become a Zed you are granted
bullet resistant skin.
I It takes about 30 show shells to kill a tank, and to kill a charger,
which is essentially 1/ 2 or 1/ 3 of a tank.
3. MDI Throwback Lesson: Being a war veteran doesn' t make have any
special skills.
9. You can fire a [Eagle from your weak hand and have minimal recoil,
which also brings to speculation Akimbo [Eagles in Call of Duty.
10. Chugging a bottle of pain pills won' t make you OD, in fact it would
replenish half of your energy or health.. So if you have aids or cancer just
chug two bottles of pain pills and youll be back in good health for awhile!
thumbs and I' ll make another... Send me a
message with your favorite game.. I won' t tally the
comments because it would take awhile :P
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