Funny Film Mistakes. FROOOOOONT PAAAGE !!!!!! THANKS GUYS.. I want to point out that i didn't spot or create these<br /> /funny_pictures/377293/Funny+Film film mistakes fun
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Funny Film Mistakes

Funny Film Mistakes. FROOOOOONT PAAAGE !!!!!! THANKS GUYS.. I want to point out that i didn't spot or create these<br /> /funny_pictures/377293/Funny+Film

FROOOOOONT PAAAGE !!!!!! THANKS GUYS.. I want to point out that i didn't spot or create these<br />
/funny_pictures/377293/Funny+Film+Mistakes+2/<br />
/funny_pictures/377301/Final+Film+Mistakes/<br />

biggest n' tiel:
Slur Wars
Stormtrooper hangs head on their
when the stormtroopers thew whim! mom the storm trooper
on the nght or the screen This hrs head on the door frame On the DVD
release they' added 3 thump when he nus It
The tetsuo Parana ts (malty wrecked on the ten she.
away and " we
Fondue repairs sell
unit! Arne awe: rt
tn the "Bums or Carthage" tn the colosseum one or the charms ts turned
over once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder tn the back or the
tithe scene where than Jane ts UENO mugged by tour men
irobot-. 5 are Mme men Into two perand than Jane Then the
camera gees back to Spaderman beaing up the other two guys when
the camera goes back to Mary Jane the we are when
Rise of lhe Machines
Plane number changes. Thal‘ s rub h.
tn the scene where John & Catherine are tn the hangar at the runway the
Cessna' s tart number ts Nausea When the plane ts shawn tn the an the
when they rand thetao numberous changed paw to
The Mal x
Nee Ill tuner, mile: on in tha r
tn the scene where Agent wmm ts . we after math has seated
Neo' s mouth shut and he ts backed comer when the camera cuts
paw to Smth you can clearly see a protectron tn hrs glasses or Nee Sim
song down tn the char
The Lord of lhe Ring The Two Towers
Pippin? hands were themselves
Merry and Ppoo were [sound when when by the and the hands
weren' t an until any they managed to escape during the hem Yet when
the horse almost crashed down on he had hrs arms spread out up
near hrs race not bound even though they werent‘ i cut mt later In the next
shot hrs hands we bound agent
Black Hawk Down
Crewmember in while sh " visible
marine end or the mews: when the convoy ts heading name the Parr
stan a Humvee stops artery to alto a man in Wink across the
street turn a chm! tn hrs arms when the shut changes and the Humvee
Myths agent a crew member er cameraman ts seen twee the
Humvee a omle satrt An or the men who entered the Humvee
Harry Penn and the Chamber of Secrets
Real hair visible under Mantle wig
At the m the scene marine end ortho meme nth warns
Matray turning at Dumbledore tn hrs owe, Mauro's harms tanned back
centred hrs sram. tatters The tn the roam the new ems
new where you can see hrs rear shun brown new
tn the scene the girl ts hotdong a clear cup Mt or peer The
camera gees on her and when l comes haw she rs hotdong a one cup
The camera gees paw off her then en her and the cup ts clear agent
Pirates " the Caribbean: The Curse of the Mask Pearl
Crew member use "
Just as Jack says on dew you scantrons tings we the very ten edge at
the screen ever Jack‘: shoulder ts a gut) crew member tenth a tan cowboy
hat white short sleeve tee satrt and sunglasses, just standing there
Harry Piller‘ and the Philosopher' s Slone
Harry intantly swindles sides
At the start term (east, are Harry ts sorted who he sts
dawn on the nght sue er the more next to Run when the (east appears
Harry ts en the other we mine table next to Herndrerd
No. 13
Lem: The Return of the King
Erotica sear mange:
tn the second hart er the mm Freda has a scar on hrs tower nght cheek
close to hrs chm Many tames rest er the m the scar
changes position and we en hrs rt also appears en hrs ten
cheer In twee shots (most en the slopes
tn the end when the Presedent ts t/ Istead by the he a we
burner wen rs tam tn tram erhem on thetaste When they have ten you
see a shut the Pressent' s Jest and yen can see that the my
No. 15
The Lord of the Rings:
Hand disappears trom shoulder
As Barnum and Aragorn taut right before mes yen can see
s ram hand grapping Aragorn' s ten tn the shut tram Damnd
Aragorn( s nght shoulder but when the camera new changes to Boromir' s
perspective, touting up at Aragog, hrs hand rs not there The scene goes
back and form Between these two wens severer (trues
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