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#348 - gazoogo (06/04/2012) [-]
Are we not over these stupid religion vs. atheism posts yet?
Are we not over these stupid religion vs. atheism posts yet?
User avatar #379 to #348 - MudkipTomislav (06/04/2012) [-]
Until religion is finally destroyed there will always be atheist with too much time trying to beat logic into religious people with no success and religious people with too much time flaming the atheists.
User avatar #401 to #379 - gazoogo (06/04/2012) [-]
Why do you care so much? Just leave it alone. Let people believe what they want to believe. If that means they go and blow themselves up in the name of Allah, then great, you should support it. That's one less religious person you have to deal with.

Which actually sparks the question, why do religious people care so much that people are gay? I mean they all shout from the rooftops that gays will burn in hell for eternity, that gays don't get into heaven, and that gays are somehow evil for being attracted to other men. By their logic, wouldn't that be a good thing? I mean if they're gay, they'll go to hell, and all of those people won't have to deal with the gays in heaven. You'd think they would support it if they hated them so much. Some people aren't very bright.....
User avatar #410 to #401 - MudkipTomislav (06/04/2012) [-]
You do realise there's a big chance that someone or something else will get damaged when someone blows up.

And a religious majority affects more than just the religious people as it is harder to progress for the intelligent ones.
Also you can't use the same argument with religious people (as in why do they think that or care about that) because they rarely actually think or care they just follow the set of rules written by a group of people that cared about these issues thousands of years ago when it was truly rare and odd.
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#464 to #406 - lulzorz (06/04/2012) [-]
Only some sections of Christianity tell you to do this.
I'm presbyterian and I'd say a very small chunk of my friends even know.
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#353 to #348 - pewnage (06/04/2012) [-]
As much as how vapid these posts are, as long as there remains humanity, there will always be something like this.
User avatar #370 to #353 - gazoogo (06/04/2012) [-]
It's pointless and retarded. I know about 800 people have already posted it, but we're beating a dead horse here. We've been over this. A lot. More than enough. We understand that a majority of the kids here are atheists, and don't respect the beliefs of others, so why keep posting these? All it does is cause **** storms in the comments.

I'm talking about this website in general, but yes, it is wide spread. I have nothing against atheism, or any religion, but as long as we have people like George Carlin standing on his soap box, telling people to respect his beliefs and not shove their religion down his throat, only to turn around and repeatedly say things like this ^^ and insult others beliefs, there will never be peace. Tons of people on here say it, but it doesn't matter. Maybe we could all stop being such hypocritical ass holes to each other (both sides are guilty) and just leave it alone.
#425 to #370 - masterofhi (06/04/2012) [-]
exactly how i think of it man, im sick of Athiest posts on here bashing Christians, but im also sick of "YOU GONNA BURN IN HELL". If everyone would just let people believe what they want and not bother everyone else the world would be at least a bit more peaceful
User avatar #440 to #425 - gazoogo (06/04/2012) [-]
But it doesn't matter, because we'll never know. At least not in our lifetime. It's far too widespread, and embedded in too many cultures. I mean countries are literally founded on religion, and depend on religious leaders to run their countries.
User avatar #437 to #425 - gazoogo (06/04/2012) [-]
True that. It's so simple that it's difficult for people to comprehend. Oh well. Maybe the flaming atheists are right. Maybe we'll only have peace when religion is dead. A sad thought, but unfortunately a logical conclusion... Religion is the variable in this situation, and seeing how we can't have peace with it, maybe we could without.
#375 to #370 - pewnage (06/04/2012) [-]
I agree to your statement, friend. :)
#443 to #375 - anon (06/04/2012) [-]
If a Christian hates someone that's gay they have broke the commandment love thy neighbor. Most Christians don't even understand the bible at all.
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