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#423 - gazoogo
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(06/04/2012) [-]
This may be the ADD meds I'm on to help me study (that I really shouldn't be taking) but this post made me think of something. What if fertilization of human, female eggs could be achieved through contact of a male's sperm with the female's skin, followed by the absorption and transport of said sperm to the uterus where, if the female is ovulating, fertilization of the egg occurs. I feel like women would wear more clothes out of fear of some random dude cumming in his hand and smacking her up side the head with it, in turn getting her pregnant. Or even just shaking her hand. There would really be no way to tell until it was too late. I would imagine that the market for any sort of semen-proof gloves would grow, but sex would be made unnecessary, and condom manufacturers would go under because everyone would be too afraid of any spillage on women's skin, let alone in their vaginae (Plural for vagina). Although the demand for birth control would certainly go up. And what would all of the pro-life supporters do? I mean with so many victims of literal slap-rape-pregnancies, the abortion rates would be crazy. I mean, either that, or an insane amount of people would be put up for adoption. Not to mention the number of people with STD's, specifically AIDS, would grow substantially due to the unrestricted, non-preventable absorption of semen into the skin. Would men even have testicles, though? Logically, it would make sense that males would evolve as well to maximize the reproduction potential of the species. I mean, if women could simply absorb semen through their skin, wouldn't it make sense that men could secrete it from theirs? Would it be voluntary, or would they have to reach arousal by stimulating their hand? That's an interesting change up. Kind of ironic, really.
User avatar #438 to #423 - gunni
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(06/04/2012) [-]
And that's why women can't suck up sperm with their skin. It would be desastrous. Interesting thought though, really.
User avatar #426 to #423 - zraven
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(06/04/2012) [-]
...dude, that's some ADD meds there.