An Analysis of the Flashbacks. Just a theory. (Not my theory, not taking credit for this one. :I) Anyway, it's long, but worth the read. . AN ANALYSIS OF THE FL Flashbacks tarlock yakone
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An Analysis of the Flashbacks

An Analysis of the Flashbacks. Just a theory. (Not my theory, not taking credit for this one. :I) Anyway, it's long, but worth the read. . AN ANALYSIS OF THE FL

Just a theory. (Not my theory, not taking credit for this one. :I)
Anyway, it's long, but worth the read.

As en ms ' s . y myrrh We been we no mace beginner wan happened 42 years
error re me evens on The Legend or Kane.
A nan named venue s on ma] yer ms cames V wees man nus he Serums based on
me yanks he gehrig rem some and Mug. He sis newer me Conway! 'aww me
serum and warns yer wen judgement, Nana: Mug
we carefully new me The playce are were as wen,
seem, because we rs clangorous man.
venue stands up re give en nys ennie:
we wars when u any gees re sue
Everyone m me mum save venue 7 even in own yam/ er are we
me cyoote on me day, The we re none new rs man Yukon rs norm we
doing we bending. as ms hands are culled and he dressy‘ n appear no be usmc any sen er
annoyng lawn. even beyond me new mm dozens on panama an once rs a year my
wen mono a synger person.
Vanna _ the Head or we we , a bloodbending Inna, and they' re In rus-
The Red were one er : wees romeo w Gym h non we . any
we an or Every My moan may narrowed we
on me ma amw, - E. , murders. and me and
peace Marry nee cream yr new a = were hm wen new new ms menus. mg WW:
managed re Hack dawn and Gamma Venue so he coma race justyn»
were myhre runnang new en may an rungs . me dz;/ urns so = he sane new
any mad snacks,
or so may
venue has discoverer a way no Assistance ennie Inn/ Imam as co
comes no ms rescue we ma]. when eyn on : 'Mie may Ewan WTS
are " one mum. and make yr so Vanna can nee
Because Katina arms and me we em er venue may new
may yearned re " ll and oneyng mere: away no m yr mow Try: My we haven‘!
seen um m any on me ilf. '. ? yen. because yres no nee e . revue.
The nae waxes mew hum en We Bedlam we room our or snow and rear 7 ewe one or
merry be may many’) 7 and wars any me Aang needs no
break nee and go Malay snare on . wen [name naking merry an we no we swam
Em nus We nys " one rung overpowers me snare re been Hum slay/ yng
Yakones and removes ms binerng and nee has mm new we any
venue waves we We years yarn. has a sen
venue W% ms sen we semen: or . even n he Gama no yonger Iam than
and when he died, me young and '. mrbart% rarr hackle : any and
began , ms way up we worm ms rs means when re new
mere: e yen we anew! know sham mm
In alennon no me ME@ I R% t. -* mere‘; hurls m reruns own words men he rs ' s
sen Why would he amuse evens we years behave ms mun re NOT me cream er ms new
lame’! For someone who‘; my an re seems In know a yen sham Mm happened 42
years ago.
Yawn}: Trm m revenge en anyine nor ms tamer or an leash non yen my he
wane rs power Kenya was a valuable any men. and so he was cranium re wank wen rye: my a
urns an yr was may we mannered mm re Amory man he manned and Hacked m wry:
Because venue pumped ms sen my er owner slums mom new e rs re you your
annoyng renew rs gene re such m ms ems re lake dawn Amory because we
removal or rs n _ berserk men. so re speak, and new a men has appeared
m Nanny wen we power re m we semen wan‘! slam nor mm He cumrag any in
em mm ream sure Arman goes ewe, no manner wan re has no an m we place“ or new
e rs man has 'IEW' acme]
we new me Alana: — we and on we one wire new nu. miners — has
me no say n s we was as Arman! re new man He no yonger
needs Kory: as an any, shes begun no cause mm , and new she‘: ewe new on yres
urns nor no remove um Item me Minute,
so he m
we re has rye! up w me mace " we when any res nan .
and were nanny was hurry
You know A mace ugh! -our on me Past“
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#34 - warlikebliss
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(06/03/2012) [-]
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User avatar #254 to #34 - TheNorwegianSmurf
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(06/03/2012) [-]
Seriously, stop posting this on EVERY avatar-related content there is.
User avatar #433 to #34 - hurleyy
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(06/04/2012) [-]
this scared the living **** out of me
User avatar #74 to #34 - baconception
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
YES! i was hoping someone would have a gif of this!!!
#337 to #34 - usernameluisdjlols
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
does anyone have a link to this? i feel as though i missed it..
User avatar #407 to #337 - Hambobman
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
You need to login to view this link
Skip to about 2:50 to see the scene
User avatar #438 to #407 - warlikebliss
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
8:16 to 8:23 this is good too.
#163 to #34 - xrabiddonutz
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
For a second I thought she was going into the Avatar State...
#226 - noobbyname
Reply +77 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
Couldn't resist..i sorry
#423 to #226 - thedarkassassin
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
I'm dying!!!!!
I'm dying!!!!!
#247 to #226 - xodios
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
My sides.
#56 - JordanJwoww
Reply +73 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
holy ****

this is such a plausible outcome, i've already accepted it as a part of the story
#566 to #56 - cjasper
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
this now must be shared with the world
this now must be shared with the world
#103 - awesomefacepalm **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#171 - bloospoos
Reply +60 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
Who the **** wrote this...Sherlock Holmes?
Who the **** wrote this...Sherlock Holmes?
#277 - martialnorris
Reply +57 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
He has a chin, a nose, an ear , a brow and a hairline. By the gods! it's his son!
User avatar #311 to #277 - ifapinschool
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
They do have a direct connection in how they look. It couldn't just be coincidence.
User avatar #436 to #311 - corkscrew
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
maybe because generally people have a distinctive drawing style and thus all their characters look similar
#551 to #277 - girlonfire
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
You can't deny that they don't look extremely similar. Same nose, ears, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, sideburns... If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was the same person.

The only difference is that Tarrlok appears to be more tan, suggesting his mother is probably from the water tribe.
User avatar #213 - happytoaster
Reply +51 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
Amon is Momo
#251 to #213 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
Dumbass... Amon is obviously Appa.
User avatar #454 to #251 - happytoaster
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
it's Momo because Momo was the only one with Aang when he learned how to take bending away from the giant lionturtle
#269 to #213 - mrshs
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
******* SPOILER! At least give us a warning beforehand >:(
******* SPOILER! At least give us a warning beforehand >:(
#144 - cameldwarf
Reply +44 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
#455 - dwarfman
Reply +40 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
I've come to the conclusion OP has to be Batman. No one else has that level of detective skill.
#469 to #455 - baditch
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
It's merely the science of deduction.
User avatar #506 to #455 - pokeyhedgehog
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
You need to login to view this link
He got it from this website
#510 to #506 - dwarfman
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
I've come to the secondary conclusion OP is a fraud.
User avatar #511 to #510 - pokeyhedgehog
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
#514 to #511 - dwarfman
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
My final conclusion is I should read the fine print.
User avatar #517 to #514 - pokeyhedgehog
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
Indeed haha.
#199 - bosskiss
Reply +36 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
that's the most solid theory i heard in the last 30 hours
#281 to #199 - lelelefrench
Reply -2 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
I've heard*
User avatar #349 to #281 - awsomeseal
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(06/03/2012) [-]
i hurr*
User avatar #484 to #199 - supaduparupa
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(06/04/2012) [-]
(My theory, others may have made it)

The lion-turtle stated that in the past, before bending, people could "energybend" (what Aang used to take away bending) And eventually, they forgot it, exchanging it for the institution of the contemporary bending. The lion turtle said people could still do it, but they don't know how to. Amon must have discovered a way to energybend.
This is extremely flawed.