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To everyone who obviously didnt read the comics, here is a reminder of Thor's powers:

-Superhuman strenght An average Asgardian can lift up to 50 tons on average, this ************ is the god of Strenght in addition to being the prince of thunder, at one moment in the marvel history he lift the midgard serpent, a ******* serpent large enough to coil around the Earth from head to tail multiple times over.

-Superguman stamina As his state of Asgardian, he produce no fatigue toxin, this bad-ass ********** can fight for months before yawning even a little.

You have to take note that Thor is also wearing a magic belt named Megjingard that double is normal strenght and stamina

-Superhuman Senses Thor's superhuman sense's allow him to effortlessly see objects as far out as the edge of the Solar System, That's really ******* far if you ask me.

-Godlike Invulnerability Do i need explanation? Thor can resist to almost everything, he even managed to survive a blast from Odin, yes Odin the ************* God of Asgard.

-Superhuman Speed He can fly to the sun in matter of minutes. But what's incredible, is that he can throw Mjolnir at the speed of light, he even can swing it at twice the ******* speed of light, yeah, twice, Thor beat the physics.

-Superhuman Longevity At what we know this guy at least billions of years old.

-Earth Control What most of you dont know about thor is that he's half Asgaard and half Elder-God. Odinson is gool, but Gaiason is also pretty cool. Yes you heard me his mother is Gaia, the ******* godess of earth. During one arc Thor die to stop Ragnarok but he's resurected and he accept his earth nature. After this he control the earth, landscpae earthquake etc...

-Energy Manipulation The basic, he's the prince of thunder, he can summon thunder by himself, he only use mjolnir to canalyze it. he can also summon rain at will.

All of these comme from comics i read of from the marvel wikia.
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sorry about your virginity
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Wait.. waitwaitwaitwaitwait. so Thor is a lightning bender... AND an earthbender? **** i need to read up on my Thor comics
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SuperGuman stamina?

Sounds Derpy.
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Would you guys be interested in OC about marvel characters?
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indeed. Go for it. You got a subscription just to prove i want some!
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