Science. I lol'd. FINEST NEWS SOURCE HOLY LATE h hi iii WALKS (Otil NEIL ARMSTRONG? HISTORIC FIRST WORDS Elli's MUD“: Til: HOLY ; ‘ THE - letson in the mooi' s


HOLY ****
h hi
WORDS Elli's MUD“:
HOLY ; ****
THE - letson in the mooi' s
Christ. '!imso: sphere, Aldrin iniciated his
The distant. hitch. en the tuner ,
that has . i" Teell, yeah. Hell, yeah." an
mankind since the dawn trt time Aldrin slid. pumping
is : -iii thr and lunch.‘ no mere. s' his list the
l: itry. anii. uts Neil and i ‘It' s like l told you the way
Will El. Aldrin In . ," replied Armstrawng to
Abuse: Neil Amish/ tont? an the haking
Whit [ is A partial [EDI I
script the rawlin communisim,
between the astronauts tani.
the mesh‘: Bastared i.
NASA personnel at nissian
trot on Earth:
Edda This is
Tranquility Base. The Eagle
has landed. Jesus , Christ.
We' re on the inciting I
mean. trout,
Roger, Tranquility.
you ire tart the inching menu.
Repeal: and l' behing vertebre
HOTY: it was a understa The Eateth at tent Jesus- the surface oi the moon.
Jets, tor TI, walking run the i. TIIA ' Y: Can see the l TEA ; Holy sparse)
Lunar MEET! (loog pause] **** , (Lung
We eare. 1. preamer inan the of the: parers F' uek',
an theoat. Jesus. Three, i. menu. The tucking .. ': , do you
i" ‘ cleared to i the goddamned moon, (Lotti. can q
up Lunar Equipment i, 'hailee.) Heir **** . 'iiza' l? : Are we Tech-
To {pause} i, . We need you, . i, mg believing this? Over.
Corvet. ':. ressed ntue LIE luv inches. i :
LEE attached. i. 'erface is powdery. Cine more: purely am standing mi the 'turs
Plar, torm lined up step. and I' m. .. **** Hang; face m" the ******* . lam
Over. i pause. r [' :. tachi. [ to you fram the Earl-
HAUS' TXEN: okay, i on i, damned Innanet. Jesus
i ' : sinner. isvr. isang, ll. Christ m a chicken basket.
Y; am descending I paintnet '. "orla' ". Higa slut.
the ladder. Can see the , ": in cm the hiit- - . mait' k". 'hate mother
The entire photot , ior Tire turn sung " the ladder. Just fpec. The Inciting turnon.
on the ties CIT Tranquility
in the lunar module Hugh and
back he Elan]: the his,
repent: "Jesus
Christ. Handled. We' re nit the
ingoing mean.‘
unit] Aldrin than
made : and psy"
cholula: prepareuranas far the
kness taf
the next phase oil the
the mean walk.
As this billion
watched an twleve-
ed the but steeps landing cut at
the module, [sunset]. and tenth
we small but
Mep the suit. virgin ***** .
Hdio living "tek.... Are you
lurking . thig? Deer."
radioed hack to
NASA headquarters nearly
y am an
the Hie tucking moon,
I em to you Train the
goddamned tucking . _
H. Christ Ll‘! it chicken basket."
mother fuels." the lint
man an the moon added.
Rudiger. no :
it." Missouri Peter
Boswell replied. "/' -
motive. Catter."
Fbgm minutes later. its Arm,
Brotha ' up and
i you this was proud}; to he Inching
i' amazing.’
i Armstrong and 11TH tin then
spent tern hours engaged in
Eli-. -'itiots related " the
I their situation heiofe returning
tn the capsule. Their intense 13-
NASA training -
Ether primary . " which
i waste train the their tn deal with
credible mature of their init-
in one point had in
i, sit throm and lake several deep
breaths. "ima Sn I ' t [ticking
lose my **** ."
The two were able to keep hem
urinating in their space suits
Iing erraugh to collect EDI] and
melt . which
scientists at press time still
spicule that even Iran ts tucking
The also planted an
American ling in the ground
alongside a plaque reading. in
part: "This plaque. placed here
by two uniting he man hing:
Entire the planet which
this celestial body ******** . will
rest undisturbed win he
the next we kithon years. High
Ca' teehehe
that **** ?"
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#1 - dshfdgf (06/02/2012) [-]
I actually read the whole thing...
#2 - anon (06/02/2012) [-]
In a couple years this will be the norm for newspapers
User avatar #4 - chaoticneutral (06/03/2012) [-]
I lol'd so hard when I read "We can put a man on the moon, but we can't bomb a tiny Asian nation into the stone age?"
#3 - ravenseclipse (06/03/2012) [-]
I want the ******* subscription, Jesus H. Christ so I can read every god damned issue of this wonderful **** .
#5 - SGfannr (06/03/2012) [-]
This is 			*******		 beautiful
This is ******* beautiful
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