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your kidding right? in the original RBY games, bulbasaur was the pokemon to pick. With the first two gyms being weak to grass, the game went much smoother. Later gyms could easily be conquered with other pokemon picked up through the game.
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actually if you didn't pick Charmander you were an outcast
actually if you didn't pick Charmander you were an outcast
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guess i'm an outcast then. i almost always chose bulbasaur or squirtle. almost never charmander. sure, the first time i played i did, but when you have to almost evolve it before the first gym i said screw that.
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Charizard is the worst one of the three. Sure it looks cool, but it's moveset it **** .
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False. Squirtle and its evolutions are defensive walls. Charmander and its evolutions are mostly speed. Bulbasaur and its evolutions are Special attack and Special Defense based
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Squirtle and its evolutions are just barely defensive walls though. Base attack of 83. base defense of 100, base special attack of 85, base special defense of 105
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It's true that Bulbasaur was the best choice. But that's just the point, there was a choice. Most people just prefered Charmander and Squirtle. I picked Bulbasaur almost every time (Only twice did I not pick him, and it was just to try the game with the other 2)
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Charmander was a good choice as well though. Its Special attack was nearly as high as Venasaurs, but its speed outmatched most Pokemon of that generation, and so it is considered more of a speed over power Pokemon
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True. The difference between Bulbasaur and Charmander when determining a 'Best Choice' though, is the type-advantage. Rock-types are weak to Grass, but strong against Fire. Therein lies the difference in usefulness.
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And the movesets. Bulbasaur doesn't learn a single special attack by leveling up, so it can't deal a great amount of damage without tms. Charmander does learn special attacks through leveling
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But that's only because it learns a great deal of Fire-type moves, most of which are Special Attack Based.
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Bulbasaur learns many grass moves when leveling, but all physical ones.
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It was the main reason nobody picked Bulbasaur. It can't learn what it is intended for through leveling
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I picked Bulbasaur regardless of moveset. I enjoyed the fact that it could beat a great deal of other types, given it's wide variety of move types.
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Ah, but Charmander can learn a wider variety of moves, namely through breeding. Charmander can learn Ancient power, beat up, bite, counter, crunch, dragon dance, dragon rush, focus punch, and outrage as egg moves. Bulbasaur can learn amnesia, charm, curse, endure, grasswhistle, ingrain, magical leaf, nature power, power whip, skull bash, and sludge as egg moves.
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I'm not gonna debate the particulars of my preference. I only wish to state that our preferences are different and that I can accept that. I think Bulbasaur was the better choice, and you think Charmander was better. Fair enough.

I liked Bulbasaur specifically for the ease of clearance it gave to the earlier stages of the story. That's my simplified reasoning.
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Actually, I don't like Charmander better. I don't like any of the three Kanto starters
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Fair enough. Which starter is your favourite? My overall favourite is Mudkip.
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totally bro! swampert+ice beam=come at me bro, i'm f**king invincible
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Mother ******* Espeon in Colosseum is my favorite starter
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oops, you're*
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