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OB's Story pt 12

Day 304
Last night Jess and I made love. It was incredible. Nothing was going on outside so we
had to keep quiet. Alex and Brandi stayed on watch lor a Few hours, so we had time to
make it special.
When we got on watch Jess and I sat at the are Just talking. The moon was bright so we
could see lor miles. we talked about Joseph callaway and we talked about what
happend in the tent. we talked lor about an hour before he showed up.
Joseph again walked up. Jess took out her knill and threw her arm back. I held it and
told her who it was. she looked at him lor a whole minute before putting her knife away.
Joseph walked up to the are and sat down across From us. T time another infected
came up behind him.
The other infected walked up and sat next to him. Joseph looked at him and I swear a
smile came across his lace. The other looked at us and watched us. He looked down
and grabbed his dogtags too. He dropped them next to him and he got up and walked
towards us. He got about 3 leet away and stopped. He Just looked into my eyes and I
could tell he wanted me to know something.
He stared at me lor a minute bedore he hung his head. He turned around and walked
away. Joseph got up and followed him. Joseph looked back and then kept walking.
Jess got the dogtags on of the ground. The name on the tags was Peter callaway.
Born 3 years bedore Joseph. I think they were Brothers. Those two maintained a
sibling relationship through the infection. They must have feelings and they MUST
have memories.
Day 306
we are in LA. we decided to move in alter we saw a group From the Resistance
Damp leave the city to the south. we only got in the city about a quarter of a mile
bedore we started hearing noises toward the lights of the camp. we decided to get
close and hunker down in this house.
T me we' re doing watch though, so we don' t get attacked w we' re sleeping
again. Brandi and Alex Just went to sleep, and Jess and I are sitting here watching
the Front door.
Jess and I have been sitting here Just talking like always. we heard a noise in the
back room of this place about 10 minutes ago, but I checked it out and it was Just
a rat. That thing was trig, but it wasn' t as unnerving as what it could' been.
Something keeps ing the door. Jess is on her way back From upstairs making
sure there is nothing up there still. They keep making loud noises and I think they
might be part or the camp but I am not sure.
They were survivors, and members of that camp. They took us. They took us and
shoved us in the back or this truck. They left Alex and Brandi because they didn' t
know they were there.
Jess is looking at me. she looks a little scared and I keep telling her it will be okay. I
don' t know where they are taking us but they weren' t friendly survivors like I' met
Day 309
They say they are evaluating us. They shoved us in this building in the center of
the camp. They took our weapons but they let me keep my Journal alter ripping a
Few pages out.
They dress strange and they have strange weapons too. we can hear them talking
about us. The guys who took us are talking to some other guys about how they
found us waiting in that house to ambush them.
They are making it sound like we want to kill them and that they are the innocent
ones. I can hear them coming lor us.
I can' t believe it. They Just threw Alex in here. They took everything she had and
they Just dumped her in here like us.
Alex said that they took her when they were looking in the house alter
they took Jess and I away. she said that Brandi went out on the rool to
get away From them, so she could come lor us.
Brandi is our only hope, and she' s injured. I don' t know how she will ever
stand up to these guys.
I thought coming to this camp was a good idea. Now I' m regretting ever
leaving Nevada, even though we had no choice.
Day 313
we' been sitting in here lor days and days. They took us each Just outside of the
bui ing where I could still see everyone. They took blood From us and they threw us
each back in here.
Yesterday they took Alex and threw her outside. They asked her questions about
Brandi. They said that they saw another woman in the house bedore they came up,
but she was gone when they did. Alex wouldn' t tell them anything and that' s when
they beat her.
one of them took their rine and bashed Alex in the side of the head. she lento the
ground and started to yell. They told her to shut up or they would kill her. she
stopped yelling and they asked her again. she wouldn' t say anything, so one of the
other 'guards' kicked her in the lace and they threw her back in here. They are
horrible people, I Just want to get out of here and keep Jess sale.
Day 314
They took Alex . This time they took her and Just kept going with her. They
brought her outside and away From my sight. I could hear her screaming as it
sounded like whips were cracka g. I think they might be torturing her. These people
don' t know when to quit. Jess and I are planning how to escape.
we are going to attack the guard that throws her back . here when the come back.
ll they come back. Jess and I will grab his weapons and kill the other two guarding
the outside of the building. our only hope is to light our way out or here.
I think they are coming back with Alex. I see her hanging there From their arms. she' s
limp and they are Just walking back. The other guard opened the door lor him and
they are Just talking right now. This could be our chance.
They came and they took Jess away. They didn' t bring Alex
back in lean hear her screaming at them to let her go. They
turned their guns on me bedore they took her out and told me
I can' t move. I can' t stand by while they hurt her. I have to do
something about it.
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