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I own a book, which I have taken to so many places. It's my favorite book I never get bored of it (Generation Kill is the title btw). And it might sound weird but I LOVE the smell it has. It's about 2 years old and the pages are wrinkly and yellow'ish. But it smells sooooo awesome. Can't really describe it.
TL;DR: I like the smell of old books.
#53 to #43 - liamdoran (05/30/2012) [-]
The way i see it, if ever there was a nuclear holocaust or if we ever ran out of elecrecity for god know what reason, with e-books we are more or less ****** , we couldn't learn how to build or rebuild as all the manuals are on e-books, which no longer work and so we could end up throwing away decades of technological, cultural and scientific advancement all from the use of e-books, a normal book on the otherhand, doesn't need electricity
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#57 to #55 - liamdoran (05/30/2012) [-]
But some books would still survive,maybe a few and that few can be rewritten and reprinted after order is restored, with an e-book, nearly all of them would become non-functional after they run out of juice unless you could find a way to create more electricity, which wouldn't be too hard to do in a short term temporary solution eg electrical generators which run on fuel but in the long term you would need expertise to create enough electricity to run ebooks, that sort of engineering comes from information, easily accessible via normal books and manuals which don't require all this electrical generator mumbo jumbo and just needs to be in good enough nick to be legible. all together in this sort of scenario where resources are precious and fuel would most likely be a source of conflict and violence between survivors, a humble book far exceeds the e-book in terms of accessibility and reproducability. Althhough we can argue that some areas of the world may have electricity to run e-books even after end world but the majority of the world won't, and if the majority of the world has books then theres a chance that a large quantity will survive, anough for reprint anyway and therefore the rebuild.
User avatar #73 to #57 - ronyx (05/30/2012) [-]
Plus haven't you played fallout? all the books were useless lolz, and computers were fine.
User avatar #72 to #57 - ronyx (05/30/2012) [-]
You can charge an ebook with the sun, water or air power.
#69 to #57 - doggstar (05/30/2012) [-]
**doggstar rolled a random image posted in comment #82 at Wat ** just use an old car that works to charge an e book. use e book to read up on how to make a generator much like the first one created with those flap thingies and copper coils. attach to a bicycle and peddle to create electricity for your domain after a while you might want to think of creating a few capacitors as well and even making a steam powered motor instead of the bicycle.. create more and sell for items like food and water..dont make the items too reliable. only allow them to last a few months without repair and sell your services fixing them for more food and water
#44 to #43 - anon (05/30/2012) [-]
Packing my bag with extra books.
1. Screens tire my eyes a lot more than pages (and I want energy on my holiday)
2. With the money I've saved not buying an e-reader, I can buy more useless trinkets
#75 to #44 - anon (05/30/2012) [-]
Have you ever used a proper e-ink reader? It is just like reading a book, and if it causes you eyestrain then you have serious health problems because they don't give off their own light.

They are literally ink that voltage is applied to to create the text. Aside from the slight gloss that some screens may have, it is exactly like reading paper.

Plus dead-tree books are heavy, costly to make and to the environment, and generally crap in comparison.

You have no good reasons to continue reading paper books, aside from some hipster values that no one cares about and you confuse for being "traditional".
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#46 to #45 - anon (05/30/2012) [-]
To be fair, my holidays don't last very long, so I don't need much room for clothes, etc.
It also means I only need a couple books (at most).

I hate e-readers, I just can't stand them. Though I do understand why other people like them. Unless they're reading books on their iPhones. Those people I want to stab.
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I prefer to read off of paper.

I also prefer physical 'things'.
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