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Nothing is wrong my tumblur. All my friends and I get on our mac and read stuff and see funny pictures. They have funny stuff and I laugh with my friends. But we only get on for a little bit, since we are in school and don't want the teachers to see if something bad is on. I don't want to go to the principles office, it scares me in there and my friends don't deserve to go as well. She is a mean person who doesn't like teenagers and always asks questions like why or how come? I don't know what to say sometimes and I always forget under pressure. That's like when I was at school and I had a speech to give in front of my history class. I was so nervous since I was role playing as George Washington and I almost wanted to break down and sweat a pool of water (or apple juice since I drank a lot of it.) After the speech though, I was happy that what happened because I got a B+ on my speech and along with my bonus points from the extra credit I always do, I couldn't be happier. I was like hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! I am about to enter the 8th grade and am excited to spend summer with my friends and family. I'm going to a sleepover at 9pm and can't wait to play videogames and watch movies. I am so excited for the summer, and hope all of you people get outside and play when it's sunny. I would hate to see so many people stay indoors all day and sit on their computer. I mean how is that any fun, all you do is stay in one place! I would be so bored and like would probably fall asleep(I mean you are there forever, you have to sleep sometimes). I also hope you talk with your parents and maybe do stuff with your friends, like go to the mall and eat at the food court. I go with my friends to their house and their mom's take us to the mall and we watch a movie. That is what I plan to do, I want to watch that batman movie that comes out soon. I looks super duper cool and batman is my favorite superhero since he is all cool and stuff. Everyone should have a fun summer OK!!!!!!
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I'm not going to read all that, and i can tell from the red thumbs it is not worth reading.
At all.
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I have no problem with it either,but I'm not reading that.
I have no problem with it either,but I'm not reading that.
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Please don't comment if you aren't going to read. It's rather rude and hurts my feelings.
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Okay. My apologies.
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