It's the little things.... shh no tears. Growing up for me wasn' t easy All I had for comfort was my SEES. I saved up a lot of money to get it since my Dad woul snes
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It's the little things...

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Growing up for me
wasn' t easy
All I had for comfort was my
SEES. I saved up a lot of
money to get it since my Dad
wouldn' t buy it for me.
My Dad died 1 year later and laas
now living with my Aunt and
Uncle. They always encouraged
me to get out and make friends,
but I never really fitted in at
No girls ever talked to me and I
never thought of myself as the
greatest looking guy in the
school. Surely she was out of my
league. But one day she came up
to me while I was sitting alone
and started talking to me.
I built up the courage to ask her
out on a date after weeks of
talking to her. We saw a movie
and I took her to dinner. That
night I asked her to be my
girlfriend. When she said yes it
was the greatest day of my life.
After 1 year of loving her I
finally told her about my life
before her and about that
beating my Dad gave me. It
was painful to remember and I
cried on her shoulder
alongside her.
line week later her Mom came
to my front door holding a
package. She said she had
found it in the back of Jackie' s
closet and that it belonged to
My mom died of cancer when I
was 2 and my dad was an
abusive drunk.
One night my Dad came home
drunk and was pissed at me for no
reason. He smashed my BIKES and
beat me with the cords.
Cine day in class I noticed a girl
staring at me out of the corner of
my eye. Her name was Jackie and
she was beautiful.
We really hit it off and talked all
lunch period. She gave me her
number and I blew up on the inside
with joy.
Before I met her I was
contemplating suicide as I was in
a deep depression over my life,
but being with her made it all
worthwhile again. I was making
more friends and was generally
happier. She made a spin on my
entire life.
cm my birthday I called her at least
so times but no answers. I found
out the next day that she was in a
car accident on her way to see me.
I was devestated. My world came
crashing down. The only person to
ever reach out to me was dead.
ili)) faiil)
I first read the card attached.
It said," To Mike the strongest
and most caring man I ever
loved. - Love J" I opened the
box and bursted into tears
The only person I felt really cared about me knew exactly what to get me
for my birthday. A Super Nintendo. She changed my life and picked me up
when I was at my lowest point. The reason I still have faith in humanity
was because of her. I will never forget her. I love you Jackie.
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