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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #34 at Main problem between bronies and others! ** i once knew a great website, its name was funnyjunk. i would come home from a long stressfull day at school, and i always new i could still keep a smile on my face, because whe i came home i had an awsome and funny website to go on when i came home. but not anymore... i keep seeing how much fj has been decaying recently, and it makes me sad. the "NEW MEME". how did you guys fall for that? and this kids trolling video? why do u guys think hes serious? and the worst thing of all........... PONIES. this infection has got to stop. i dont want to come home from a stressfull day to see adults obsessing and masturbating vigurously to a 5 year old girls show. plz fj. pull your self together, <MFW i see this stuff on fj
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feel free to tell me better ways i can help get this great website back to its old, hilarious, self. i need all the help i can get, and if there are other ppl who want to join this cause, fell free, and i know there is alot of editing needed in my post, but im not very good at english
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you have a point, were becoming no better than 4chan posting child porn if we have ponies here, even on **** , and theres no point in thumbing this anon down, theyre just trying to help.
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thumb this up to sp it gets top comments so we can change this site for the better, the reason im posting as an anon is so ppl dont think im thumb whoring when i ask for thumbs, now please. save this site
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I just did math to thumb you down. **** off if you don't like the site.
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i never said i dont like the site, i LOVE this site, i just want to save it from this decay
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