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User avatar #363 - xxane
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(05/29/2012) [-]
>Programming some ****
>Notice I have my CD-Rom to piss in,Insert penis into CD-Rom
>Feels good man
>Since my penis is very small in girth I fit it all the ways in,Continue to piss
>Something in my CD-Rom is jacking me off now
>I cum all over my CD-Rom which cleans my laser CD sensor
>**** my dick is stuck
>Computer starts running diagnostic test on my dick, I have Diabetes
>Unplug CPU from wall and move to the hall way for better light
>Dam where did I put my tools,oh right they're is a screwdriver in my ball satchel
>Try to open up the cover and its stuck,Not good,Not good
>Mom is at the door
>Open the door
>Get on the floor,She tripped
>Have more time to get my dick out,I try to pry the cover open but its stuck
>I finally pry off the cover and a weird creature comes out
>Its a dicklick troll
>I fight him and I swing the CPU from my dick like that of that a mace,
>He then says "I want tree fiddy"
>He cant speak right cause his mouth got injured from my dick mace
<He shakes my dick in agreement
>Mom comes up the stairs and sees my dick in computer CD-Rom while a dicklick troll is inside the CPU with the cover off revealing him shaking my cock

#368 to #363 - pazinenis
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(05/29/2012) [-]
#367 to #363 - anon id: 2e5b7462
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(05/29/2012) [-]
>inside the CPU
That's a tiny ******* troll