OB's Story pt 10. -ENLARGE- #10 in the series! I hope it lives up to expectation! Part 1: /channel/morbid-channel/OB+s+Story+pt+1/gyhTGtl Part 2: /channel/morbi OB Loves You
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OB's Story pt 10

Day 290
Surprisingly things between Jess and I are Just like they were before. When I woke up
and she was right there, I felt good. she said she felt sale next to me and asked me ill
would mind sleeping next to her again tonight.
I think we can as long as we' done watch most of the night.
About an hour after we woke up this morning Jess and I were talking. She told me
stories about how her Father was in the 105th Airbag during the Afghan war, in 2011.
She said he was killed in action try an round that downed his helicopter.
He sounds like a great man. He was in the Army most of his adult life. Just like my dad,
he was deployed alter the Terrorist Attacks or September 1 1 , . My lather died in
2003 From a roadside bomb though. At least she got to know her lather better than I
got to know mine.
She talked about him for a while and then told me about how her mother was an
actress and was never home either. She said she normally doesn' t tell anyone about
her family. She must really feel safe around me.
My mom died when I was 3, I never got to know her. My dad married some Army
captain and they had my younger Brother. He was only 15 when this whole thing
happened. I watched him die in spring, before they shut down all of the government.
He was Just like a real Brother to me, even though he was only my hall Brother. we
played a lot of sports, which I guess helps me now, but we were out playing a game oi
football together when he got sick. He started puking everywhere and he got really
I called my stepmom captain, and she wasn' t around when it happened. I carried him
inside and layed him on the couch. He wouldn' t stop vomiting and he stayed warm. He
started telling me that he wasn' t ceeling good but I couldn' t do anything. I called the
hospital about 3 miles away and they said they couldn' t come help him because there
were too many people who were showing the same symptoms. They said that the
hospital was iall and that all of the were out either sick or helping at the
I watched as he breathed heavy and closed his eyes. He never woke up and he
stopped breathing about 5 minutes later. I tried to call Captain but she was off of the
Base for the night. I ' t have the heart to tell her he was dead so I left.
I went out and stopped at the bar, I drank my Brother away. And I never saw captain again.
Jess told me that she was an only child ior most or the time she was growing up.
When she was 14 her parents had her brother. she s that he was always trying to
light all being sick when he was little. When the infection came though, he was line.
He must' been immune like Jess because he wasn' t ever infected.
Jess said he had died while she was sleeping. Before there was a real sense of
danger about the Infected coming back to 'Iife', she told me he was eaten.
Nobody knew that they would come track, but that didn' t mailer.
But that' s enough ior now because it' s time ior me
to wake Jess up and get on of watch. It' s boring
out here, thank God I have my Journal.
Day 291
Jess and I woke up together again today. I knew it would happen, so I wasn' t surprised. she
woke up and woke me up. she said she didn' t have a problem on watch either and that she
wanted to move toward Vegas again.
we walked into the city with no problem at all. I didn' t see any infected along the road while
we were coming, and none in the city ior about hall an hour. we walked up to Maid' s
Mansion, which was a wedding chapel on the boulevard. we heard someone talking and
decided to go inside to check it out.
We warned them we were coming in, so we didn' t get ourselves killed. There were two
young women sin rig at a small table Just staring at us. we walked over and asked them
what they were doing there.
They said that they were moving through the city North. They were hunted down try those
mutant infected that run on all Fours. They decided to come into Maid' s Mansion because it
was small and easy to defend themselves i could see why, it was only about 50 feet long
and had 2 rooms.
They asked us to Join them at their table and told us their story. Ones name was Alex.
she had long dark hair tied in a bun and had sunglasses on her head. she was skinny
and only about 5 Foot 3. she had been alone when all of this started and she went to see
Brandi, the other woman, to make sure she was okay. They decided to stay together,
secluded in a house to make sure that none oi those things got them. About 2 months
later, they decided to head towards the camp in that we' d stopped at.
Brandi, who is about 5 loot 6 with short Manda hair and sunglasses, told us that they
have been stuck here ever since August, about 5 months ago.
we told them that we didn' t see anything on the way to the chapel and they Just looked
at us like we were stupid. they said that the infected wait and watch. When they have a
chance they attack. They said that normally the infected have been attacking them every
few hours in low numbers.
I think Jess and I made a good u n. we invited them to come with us to the
Resistance camp outside or LA. and they s would be a blessing to get out of there.
They had tried to leave probably 30 or more imes before we showed up. Every time, they
said, they were were nearly hacked to pieces.
We made it out of Maid' s Mansion with almost no problem. There was only one of them
out there when we walked out. Alex gave me a small pistol because she had an extra.
Thank goodness I don' t have to Just use the knife.
With all Four of us, we took him out pretty easily and walked South towards the edge of
the city. Alex told us to hold on. we looked at her and she pointed to a second story
window with 3 sets of eyes watching us. All or a sudden 2 oi the Jumpers came at us.
They crashed through a window right above the others. The 2 circled us ior about 20
seconds before Alex shot her .44 at one of them. It ducked out of the way and jumped
at her.
Just when it Id, Jess and I took the other one out. I shot at it with the pistol and it
ducked right to Jess' kni paling itself on her blade. For about 5 second tried
to get her with it' s Jaws crashing together until it died while she twisted her knife inside
it' s skull.
Brandi had an interesting choice of a weapon. she used a large composed bow. I was
impressed at how quickly she drew it though. As soon as the infected jumped at Alex,
she had it drawn and shot a single arrow through its skull taking its head right on of its
we made it to the edge of the city without any other trouble. I' m on watch ior about hall
an hour more and I can' t wait to Just lay with Jess. I don' t have to worry about not being
protected while we' re together anymore.
I need some rest. We' walked nearly 10 miles today and we'
had to deal with more of those damn mutant infected. Hopefully
tomorrow is easier with Alex and Brandi.
Day 294
Brandi spotted a small caravan or survivors today. she held them up and took their water
and food I never thought N say this but stealing those supp ies From those poor people
saved us. ith 4 people the food runs out a lot faster than it did with Just Jess and I.
we' only been attacked once since leaving Las Vegas, and have only seen the
survivors that Brandi held up. I' m starting to think that the infected are concentrating
more toward the cl es ior food. below, we saw a lot of them out in the wilderness, and
now we' re mostly seeing them in cities. Are they adapting to their environment like we
would? I don' t know, but what I do know is that if we don' t make it to LA. soon, we' re not
going to make it to that Resistance camp at all.
Jess and I walked behind Alex and Brandi. They are from down here in the Southwest
and can get us around a bit easier.
Day 295
There was a radio broadcast today on a radio somebody had in their hut It was
in the middle of nowhere, but the thing had Batteries in it, so we tume on. It
was that Resistance camp. They sai that they were planning an attack on
Santa barbara, ior 3 days out and that anyone that wants to help should Join them
tonight to get ready to move out.
Jess looked at me and told me that we were still to far away and that we could
probably make Santa barbara in those 3 days.
I' m writing this quick. we' re on our way to Santa barbara
now. I am only writing because we are still about 3 minutes
from a hoard of the infected. They are coming toward us
and they are in more numbers than I' ever seen. Jess Just
knelt down and I think she' s saying a prayer. I think she
knows this might be our last night together.
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#176 - killjohnlennon
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(05/29/2012) [-]
So help me GOD if this ends with "and everyone walked the dinosaur" I'll start a second holocaust
User avatar #180 to #176 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/29/2012) [-]
I wouldn't do that to you guys ;)
User avatar #236 to #180 - leaguechamp
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(06/13/2012) [-]
although it might be, hands down the largest troll known to man.
#227 to #180 - killjohnlennon
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(05/29/2012) [-]
thank you :D
#83 - mafleto
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Bows, always the most badass weapons
User avatar #104 to #83 - cecilyxassassin
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Hawkeye from Marvel=Green Arrow from DC.......Though I've always liked Green Arrow much more....
User avatar #86 to #83 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
That's EXACTLY who I thought of when I wrote that, I'm like Hmmmm this reminds me of... ;)
User avatar #112 to #86 - mohawkgod
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(05/28/2012) [-]
yes. the bow was an amazing weapon to put in here I love you even more for this OB
User avatar #122 to #112 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
;) OB Loves You too ;)
#121 - mandarshian
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(05/28/2012) [-]
totally forgot about this picture til now!
User avatar #124 to #121 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
#70 - eliotmoose
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(05/28/2012) [-]
OB, keeping Morbid Channel alive, one post at a time ;)
OB, keeping Morbid Channel alive, one post at a time ;)
User avatar #96 to #70 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Glad to do so ;)
#84 - kevinzheng
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(05/28/2012) [-]
no jess cannot die and the guy will not die either they will make it D:
no jess cannot die and the guy will not die either they will make it D:
User avatar #102 to #84 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
#110 - miaandvinny
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(05/28/2012) [-]
I like the grammar mistakes in here, it makes it seem more realistic, since this is his journal. I love this story too!
User avatar #132 to #110 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
good, and good! lol
#77 - formeranonymous
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(05/28/2012) [-]
User avatar #91 to #77 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
lol nice
#115 to #91 - formeranonymous
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(05/28/2012) [-]
no homo though
User avatar #123 to #115 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
s'good ;)
User avatar #41 - mmmmcheezy
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(05/28/2012) [-]
whats the point of joining a resistance and fighting the zombies if you are willing to thieve from fellow survivors and leave them for dead :/

besides that, just as good as always.
User avatar #45 to #41 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(05/28/2012) [-]
It's the sense of a complete breakdown in humanity after seeing your friends and family die. You can only remain 'human' for so long before you are willing to do anything for your survival ;) And thank you! ;)
User avatar #47 to #45 - mmmmcheezy
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(05/28/2012) [-]
I understand that, its just the conflicting characteristics of joining a rebellion to help humans, and stealing from humans and leaving them for dead that confuses me. or maybe im not thinking outside of the box.
i knew i should have payed attention in English.... >.>
User avatar #54 to #47 - IrishAssassin
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(05/28/2012) [-]
I think it has something to do with how when society breaks down, the fine line between man and monster becomes thinner and thinner. Or my English teacher got to me during one of my naps.
User avatar #65 to #47 - kaylakrusifix
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Survival of the Fittest, it's basic animal instinct. You do what ever is needed to survive. Even if it means stealing from other survivors.
User avatar #48 to #47 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
lol ;)
#76 to #47 - anon id: 2a1d5a59
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(05/28/2012) [-]
I understand what you are saying, think of it like this though. The resistance group is an entire pizza, and the caravan they rob is a slice of pizza. Sure you love pizza, but in order to get to the big pizza you have to sacrifice the slice of pizza.
#71 - zhayce
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(05/28/2012) [-]
Another good chapter :)
I know it might be late seeing that this is the 10th chapter.
BUT, Subscibed :D
And as always
User avatar #94 to #71 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Now is better than later ;)
#60 - mrnomnomnom
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(05/28/2012) [-]
Love the background info you put into this one OB, and love you as always :D   
Keep em coming, but take your time. I know it gets hard to be so creative everytime, especially with a great mind like your's!
Love the background info you put into this one OB, and love you as always :D
Keep em coming, but take your time. I know it gets hard to be so creative everytime, especially with a great mind like your's!
User avatar #61 to #60 - theoriginalbastard [OP]
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(05/28/2012) [-]
lol OB Loves You too ;)