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lol only fags play dungins n dragins, on 9gag, we play awesome games, like cod, and halo3, only nerds play dungins n dragins
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0/10 not even a nice try
0/10 not even a nice try
#190 to #155 - Ostia (05/28/2012) [-]
That's cute.
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please return to the realm of pure faggotry where you came from little ass.
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I know this is trolling, but this WILL illicit an emotional response.

D&D is the greatest ******* thing that any group of friends can do. With a good DM, I would thoroughly enjoy an all-nighter much more than I would playing any game on any console or computer. There is simply nothing that can compare to the awesome moments, creative solutions, and the thrill of succeeding on a saving throw. You know what, anon fag? I'll make sure to include you on my next campaign, and have the players come up with their own twisted ways to torment you until you submit and I send a bugbear to copulate with your withered excuse for a body. Thanks for the fun in advance!

#171 to #155 - isbn (05/28/2012) [-]
Oh God, please don't breed
Oh God, please don't breed
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go back to 9fag
go back to 9fag
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