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#44 - lolmasterx (05/28/2012) [-]
←My favourite mot
#52 to #44 - Rascal (05/28/2012) [-]
what anime be this?
#54 to #52 - lolmasterx (05/28/2012) [-]
Elfen Lied.
Elfen Lied.
#55 to #54 - Rascal (05/28/2012) [-]
is it worth my viewing?
rather new to anime, only watch full metal alchemist, death note and soul eater
User avatar #57 to #55 - lolmasterx (05/28/2012) [-]
Yes, yes it is, but the anime doesn't have the full story. You'd have to read the manga for that.
Other anime worth viewing are Hellsing, Needless, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, FLCL, and Hidan no Aria.
User avatar #47 to #44 - meganinja ONLINE (05/28/2012) [-]
she got replacements, so it's all good.
User avatar #48 to #47 - Polomaster (05/28/2012) [-]
Still one of the saddest anime's that i've seen
User avatar #49 to #48 - meganinja ONLINE (05/28/2012) [-]
It's one of my favorites. There's actually a good bit of fans of it on here, since a lot of us are more desensitized than the rest of the world.
User avatar #51 to #49 - Polomaster (05/28/2012) [-]
so true, it was one of the first ones that I've seen and strangely it did nothing other than make the whole genre more interesting
User avatar #53 to #51 - meganinja ONLINE (05/28/2012) [-]
It was one of my earlier ones, but when it first came on i was like "that chick's naked. What the hell?" and then it lasted for about 10 minutes. Gore doesn't disturb me though.

So many feels in it though. It was the anime that made me watch almost exclusively feel animes.
User avatar #58 to #53 - Polomaster (05/28/2012) [-]
yeah that first scene was way too epic, and then the feels came... at first I thought they would stop... but no they kept coming and I was ok with that

I would watch more feel animes but im too spastic for that, Im all over the board with what I watch
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