Diseases & such. I'll do what people request, I'll do deds, or anything else, lol. If FJ hates it, no more morbid, haha Sorry if it's long. hypervamppkid 40, 6? Diseases & such I'll do what people request deds or anything else lol If FJ hates it no more morbid haha Sorry if it's long hypervamppkid 40 6?
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Diseases & such

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Diseases & such. I'll do what people request, I'll do deds, or anything else, lol. If FJ hates it, no more morbid, haha Sorry if it's long. hypervamppkid 40, 6?

I'll do what people request, I'll do deds, or anything else, lol. If FJ hates it, no more morbid, haha

Sorry if it's long

40, 6? POST
Do not look if squeamish.
Gory pictures from infections, diseases, etc
jg f. Let 's start off with something ,"
so gory. // ins syndrome is a
l condition that is passed down through
families (hereditary) that leads to
problems with the structure of the
face. It to have it
3. Cecropia, also known as
c or synops thalmar,
is a rare congenital disorder
characterized by the failure
of the embryonic
to properly
divide the orbits of the eye
into two cavities, Its
incidence is f in 16, 000 in
born animals, and f in 250 in embryos. Typically, the nose is either
missing or replaced with a proboscis.
Damn. He 's lucky and ) ucky
5 is the absence of a
large part of the brain and the skull.
Symptoms are absence of the sku// p
absence of the brain (cerebral
hemispheres and cerebellum), Facial
abnormalities, and heart defects.
I am aware that this is repetitive, /o/
mm. mun mun
can result from
different things, such as disease
or a trauma. If left untreated,
The eyes could continue to bulge,
resulting in the failure of the
eyelids to close properly, if at all
and blindness.
P. is a substitute for the
A . much more expensive drug, heroin.
Once the skin around the injection site
target far gangrene. This leads to
t skin decay around the injection site,
C and, in time, the skin sloughs off,
3. often exposing the bone below.
Krokodil is super addictive, it 's mainly only
found in Russia. They have the equivalent of
wot would be meth /ahs, only //.
Dame person in both pics, btw.
Apparently, this man caught the if‘ ..
disease in his garden. kw’
Doctor' s gave him the option of having ..
his nose and eyes removed or dying. v" I . r' , ,)
He was given a prosthesis to make him look relatively normal,
So, first morbid post. I hope that it does well, I think F] can
handle it, lol.
THESE TWO. Provided a couple of the ideas
an - onetwotree
Gad an these diseases make me feel a lot better knowing rm
I) an - prospector H
Also you should add elephantine mun make a new one r, fsa'',
AND DEDS to this user
New Here
tn sleep...
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******** warning ever.
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oh god im going to hell : /
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Humanized version of a hound dog
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You made me bust out laughing when everyone was not talking
#67 to #65 - dolmandabean
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so far on funnyjunk today, this has made me laugh the most! well done fine sir!
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Seal of Approval

A morbid post on Morbid-Channel.
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I'm going to hell...
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I found these more interesting then Morbid.
#193 - tables
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and here's where i'd put my face...

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Took me like 10 minutes to find this in my huge ass folder
User avatar #127 to #105 - fellfox
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so original look at the comment #61 - dominikq
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Don't give a **** it's relevant
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o rofl for some reason i thought u said you made that just ignore my ****
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i ******* don't understand why there's pictures like this on FUNNYjunk ... but who cares ? I like that **** bro.
User avatar #47 to #43 - pukingrainbows
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Funnyjunk needs a name change, it would be a lot easier than everybody whining about what is and what isn't allowed to be on the site. It's gone from a site exclusively for funny pictures, to a full community site like 4chan, where anyone can come and get all their interests in one place. I wish people didn't whine about a site growing and developing, but what can you do?