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Am I the only one who gets pissed off when they see/hear/hear about an over-protective dad? Or maybe it's just me. Whatever.
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I mean seriously, it's like "Oh you're 17 years old and have a boyfriend YOU'RE GROUNDED HURR DURR LOL I LOVE CONTROL"
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As I've stated before, men are territorial. But really, It isn't about control, it is about wanting what is best for your kids. Believe it or not, seventeen year olds aren't geniuses usually, especially when it comes to making decisions regarding sex and relationships.

My guess is a girl you've dated had a father that didn't like you. Well next time you get upset at him, remember that he raised that girl from the time she was an infant and now you expect him to be cool with you brutally ******* her. That is asking a lot.
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But I am sort of a well-rounded guy when it comes to girls. I don't **** on the first date, that's just not my style. Half of the dads that hate me for dating their daughter honestly have no reason to, in my eyes. From my perspective, it just seems like they are being control freaks.

TL;DR I understand what you're saying, but that's not how I roll
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"I don't **** on first dates" That is already a sick mindset, because what you are implying is that any time after that is fair game. That is the problem; they don't want their daughter to be having sex at all when they are seventeen years old. They aren't even out of high school, damn it.

Try going to a dad when you are in your twenties and dating a girl of the same age, and after three years of not banging her you ask her for his permission to ask his daughter's hand in marriage. He might treat you better.

Abstinence might sound kind of boring, but as a psychiatrist, I can tell you that the more sex you have with multiple partners, the harder it is to cherish the bond of love. This isn't just hallmark ******** either, the neural-magnetic bond that is produced after so much time in sync with a partner actually deteriorates in your brain if you go through multiple relationships and break-ups that involve sex, It seems stupid and nonsensical because, hey, sex is awesome, but honestly, if you are looking for an honest relationship with a girl, wait until you love her and are willing to marry her.
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I was exaggerating, but yeah, I see your point.
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I'm glad. If you want some advice, they probably hate you because they already know your mindset. You say you aren't 'like that', but honestly, the very fact that you oppose their decisions shows that you are. What you need to understand is that they are the parent, and just like your parents, they are authority figures. If you are going to be taking out their daughter, you need to respect the boundaries that they set. It is the equivalent of your parents telling you not to drink. Take it from someone who makes the majority of their income off of women with daddy issues when I say this; those daughters with the 'control-freak' dads that don't let them date just any guy they want, nine times out of ten end up better than the ones that their father allows them complete control over who they can be with.
User avatar #251 to #250 - brianhanerjr ONLINE (05/27/2012) [-]
Technically I'm not opposing their decisions. Most of the time when this happens, I discover that I'm not allowed to date them only after I start doing so. When this happens I immediately break up with them, so as not to cause a family-wide feud. Again, I'm not like that.
User avatar #252 to #251 - sorrowofdaedalus (05/27/2012) [-]
Well, that is the best course of action at that point. Once again, before you start dating them, try asking their father before hand. In fact, tell the girl that you'd like to date them, but you want to ask their father's permission first. This will actually impress the girl. If he says no, politely ask why. If he says something like "I just don't allow her to date " then show that the girl means something to you, or at least that you are willing to try, and ask if you would be able to join them for dinner some time, or do some other activity with her family entirely, instead of just her. This way you establish a strong family connection, and from there a strong relationship.
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Hmm... thanks for the advice. I'll try to consider that next time I try to date somebody.
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I hope you do. I became a father very recently (a two month old daughter) and I already started thinking about these sorts of things. I don't want my little girl to end up like the type of women I have to deal with in my office every day. Because they are ******* nuts. That is why I treat them.
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Or the type of women who constantly bitch about stuff on Facebook and then say "I don't want to talk about it" when someone asks what's wrong? Honestly, it's like why bother post a status if you would rather not talk about it?
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Meh, that is just women, dude. It is kind of a result of evolution, really. Men held dominion over women throughout history, so in order to reproduce and pass on their genes, sub-consciously(the animal side) of the female mind is in competition with every other female to be chosen for breeding, so they crave more attention because it increases the chance of reproduction if they are being focused on. It doesn't exactly work in this day and age.
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Eh, you're right. I'm just tired of this **** spamming my newsfeed and I need a place to vent
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