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#237 - Jameshaich (05/26/2012) [-]
> Press twice
> Have £2million
> Donate 1 million to saving ****** children and animals
> Feel better about life. Also have £1million
#284 to #237 - dinak (05/26/2012) [-]
considering the button kills the last person to press the button..

you pretty much would kill yourself
#291 to #284 - moghulking (05/26/2012) [-]
why would you spoil the movie asshole
#292 to #291 - dinak (05/26/2012) [-]
it was released like 2 or more years ago, its your fault for not watching
User avatar #330 to #292 - garyleneville (05/27/2012) [-]
My fault for not watching a film that's 2 years old? **** off.
#302 to #292 - moghulking (05/27/2012) [-]
first of all i already seen this movie but im sure others havent so how about you dont spoil it for everyone else
#307 to #302 - dinak (05/27/2012) [-]
there are like other 10 replies like mine ybut you only complain to me.

you are the asshole
#317 to #307 - moghulking (05/27/2012) [-]
you are the most recent person that commented and there wasnt that many people talking about the spoiler
#325 to #317 - dinak (05/27/2012) [-]
if there werent that many then why you dont reply to them you can see some right now, i was just commenting in peace
#329 to #325 - moghulking (05/27/2012) [-]
only like one person dude so it still doesn't make it right that you would spoil it for somebody just so you can discus it with someone else.
User avatar #240 to #237 - Marker (05/26/2012) [-]
Dollars, not Pounds. It would actually be £1,276,886.
User avatar #248 to #240 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/26/2012) [-]
What's funny is you actually look the time to find out how dollars compare to pounds.
User avatar #294 to #248 - Marker (05/27/2012) [-]
My phone was right next to me and it had a converter, big whoop, wanna fight about it?
User avatar #297 to #294 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/27/2012) [-]
How old are you, six?
User avatar #298 to #297 - Marker (05/27/2012) [-]
I mention that my phone has a currency converter, and then I quote an old Family Guy line, and you accuse me of being six? Get back under your bridge, troll.
User avatar #300 to #298 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/27/2012) [-]
I'm not even a troll. You're just making yourself look like a dumbass.
User avatar #303 to #300 - Marker (05/27/2012) [-]
I was simply pointing out something irrelevant. You reply. I reply back with an old quote. You call me out. Who's the dumbass?
User avatar #305 to #303 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/27/2012) [-]
I don't watch Family Guy. And what you said in the first place didn't make one bit of difference.
User avatar #311 to #305 - Marker (05/27/2012) [-]
Still, that line has been used multiple times on this site, so I figured others on this site would understand it. You call me six, and then you claim I'm a dumbass. Get your head out of your ass.
User avatar #312 to #311 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/27/2012) [-]
Sorry, insulting someone makes you up your own ass now?
User avatar #313 to #312 - Marker (05/27/2012) [-]
And now your grammar is failing you. Even more to prove your stupidity.
User avatar #314 to #313 - thatstraightop **User deleted account** (05/27/2012) [-]
And when did grammar weaken someone's argument? Sorry, I don't understand. You do something pointless, and I say how time wasting that was. Now I'm a troll, idiot, and up my own ass? Go and annoy someone with less intelligence than me.
#242 to #240 - Jameshaich (05/26/2012) [-]
Oh, thanks for that vital and important information which changes nothing.
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