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#71 - bananodile (05/25/2012) [-]
I was the 33333rd viewer O_O obviously this mean I must go back in time, defeat the dark empress BOOBIE MONSTER LADY OF BOOBY and then travel along the marshmallow cloud of forgetfulness where I must fight my own mental battle against my own self, From there I must head north to the mountain of **** (yes **** I know gross right) WHERE I MUST NOT PUKE BECAUSE THERE ARE REALLY HOT CHICKS THAT LIVE THERE AND I'LL ******* DIE BEFORE I LOOK UNCOOL IN FRONT OF THEM. then I'll **** a chicken and be telported through time back to my chair fapping to the thought of having sex with a chicken.
User avatar #119 to #71 - deathzor (05/25/2012) [-]
Favorited and +1 thumb.

#111 to #71 - pedokidrofls (05/25/2012) [-]
How is this work of genius Thumbed Down?
How is this work of genius Thumbed Down?
User avatar #110 to #71 - excusemycharisma (05/25/2012) [-]
12 year olds -.-
#106 to #71 - Absolute Madman (05/25/2012) [-]
I have no idea why this was thumbed down.
#85 to #71 - steamwhistler (05/25/2012) [-]
Just a thought I had after the first sentence.
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