Damn girlscouts. Lyk dis if u crie evry tiem.. Knuckle Blaster Stun Gyn 950, 000 Volt Price: $; In Stock, Shins hem and said by : dgtdgt, Only 1 " in seen. I Mg Boobs Bacon tis all

Damn girlscouts

Lyk dis if u crie evry tiem.

Knuckle Blaster Stun Gyn 950, 000 Volt
Price: $;
In Stock,
Shins hem and said by : dgtdgt,
Only 1 " in seen.
I Mg er
tenets , May M, EDIE
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This review is from, Haul: -HUI Blaster Stein am 930% vote
I purchased this after I was confronted by some punks demanding thati hand ayer my maney. I' m a relatively ht guy,
but I was he match fer them., That is when I realized thati need to protect myself. The day "after I baught this predict
I went to the Very same Walmart parking let when I was first mugged, I approached the group of standing
outside the entrance, concealing my secret : herl' I.
I eonly asked "Remember met”.
One of them melted up and said, "Have we come back buy some Semen er Thin Mints? My Girl needs ts
raise mere menial"
I replied with ‘we' re net taking my money this time', Tut sir, they' re , she said.
I whipped out my Blaster Stun Gun hand and shouted 'WRONG MOVE B'''.'''') The tive gin streets ran away
Ag I pounded my chest in watery, I accidentally activated the stun gun and applied essence ‘spits be my right nipple. I
were up it heme later ts the sound of heavy footsteps, These can Scouts had brought their fathers. But} was ready. I
lunged at the largest we with a cry of "RAGGLE FRAGILEST" and hit him in the stomach. He hit the ground harder than a
fat hid en a jungle gym.
As the others began to circle amend me. [changed techniques. Holding bath of my hands In tight fists, [resend my arms
to my sides and initiated the helicopter mm. They all. backed eff, fearing my impressive RPM. After a while I started
getting dizzy, and ens of the fathers decided tn try to tackle me, As he ran to me steed there, dizzy and queasy: time
was geing real slew. Then . Ihad eaten lunch at Chipotle and the burrito was fighting its way back up my
I tuned bomard my enemy and launched a stream of projectile at him, Wet? him _ the ground. Then] started
singing ‘Let the badies hit the Mor, let the themes hit the floor, let the trades hit them. "
I grabbed my Knuckle masher Stun Gun and shewed it into my mum, running at my fees, them
with my teeth. Eventually they were all unconscious, and I walked heme victorius,
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