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#384 - anon (05/25/2012) [-]
I'm an atheist and even I know that this is false. In the bible, it is reffering to PagaN tattoos. Go read it, stop taking verses out of context.
#408 to #384 - anon (05/25/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #310 at Impossible Wish ** ^ Implying OP made the content. Rofl
User avatar #397 to #384 - gettinglolz (05/25/2012) [-]
Tattoos are in general are forbiden,many people read the bible but not truly understand what they're reading,they think they do.
Also im no hardcore christian, i just know some stuff since i've read some texts in the bible, many people interpretate it on the way that suits them best. Just my opinion but remember wen you give your opinion on funnyjunk you're gonna have a bad time.
#455 to #397 - anon (05/25/2012) [-]
That verse is talking about pagan markings

Tattoos back then and tattoos now are completely different, the reason that verse prohibits tattoos is because the Israelites marked themselves to appease pagan gods.

Gettinglolz you have a lot to learn. Thumbing down a correct anon... shame on you
User avatar #458 to #455 - gettinglolz (05/25/2012) [-]
Yeah i've got a lot to learn, and i never thumbed down anyone.
and as lasts i never said i knew everything about the bible.
#459 to #458 - anon (05/25/2012) [-]
You said: "Tattoos are in general are forbiden,many people read the bible but not truly understand what they're reading,they think they do. "

Implying that you do know about the bible, specifically what I'm talking about (leviticus 19:28). But you were wrong.
User avatar #460 to #459 - gettinglolz (05/25/2012) [-]
Anon, i said i know some things, and not all of it, now stop being so butthurt about what i said or didnt.
#463 to #460 - anon (05/25/2012) [-]
How am I butthurt when I am right? lol.
User avatar #465 to #463 - gettinglolz (05/25/2012) [-]
because you keep on going on about it,and ok i made a mistake but are you like a woman or so? it seems like you will never let it go.
#456 to #455 - GainesWorthy (05/25/2012) [-]
I have been browsing this thread since last night. (well I slept then came back)

I have been looking for someone to say this. And I can't believe only 1 (maybe 2 dunno if same anon) said it. I'm agnostic, however have read the bible and I am trying to read the Torah. Mainly so I can understand all religions and how they operate. I think it's a gorgeous concept of the world. (However it is corrupt)

The anon is right, Leviticus 19:28 is reffering to anciet pagan markings peple would carve into their skin aswell as tattoo. I know a priest that have been inked up. To clarify, he is like a crazy chill priest who understands modern society. Probably the only one of his kind living in North Carolina, ha!

But if you took the time to read some more verses, you'd see this. The Bible was written for it's time, not modern society.
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