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#21 - effervescent **User deleted account**
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#24 to #21 - Hreidmar
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(05/23/2012) [-]
I love that they made that a running gag throughout the series.

Also, as is obligatory when Mock The Week is mentioned, they need to get Frankie and Russel back.
#27 to #24 - anon
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(05/23/2012) [-]
Frankie first, then have a cup of tea, then read the newspaper a little bit, then check the grouting on the bathroom tiles, then get Russel back. I don't care much for Russel.
#30 to #27 - Hreidmar
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(05/23/2012) [-]
Fair enough. To each their own. I'd much rather have Russel than Andy.

And for heaven's sake they need to stop inviting the lady whose entire punchline is 'I'M NIGERIAN'
#33 to #30 - thesilence
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(05/23/2012) [-]
Which one, Gina Whatsherface or Andi Osho? I think both. Or just all women, I've never seen a funny woman on MTW - some of their jokes are okay, but the delivery is just terrible.
#40 to #33 - effervescent **User deleted account**
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#35 to #33 - Hreidmar
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(05/23/2012) [-]
I actually like Andi osho... her 9-11 joke was absolutely hilarious. However, Gina needs to come up with some good material.

I don't know, Lucy (Partridge?) and Holly Walsh and a few others aren't bad at all. Not as good as the male comedians, unfortunately, but still very entertaininining.

(I lost track of n's and i's, so I just threw a bunch down hoping to be correct.)
#36 to #35 - thesilence
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(05/23/2012) [-]
Ah yeah, forgot about Holly Walsh. Andi Osho can be alright sometimes but a lot of it is just talking about the same sort of stuff.