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#5 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
This site needs more Dark Souls
#44 to #5 - tryllo (11/21/2013) [-]
it does yes. Hopefully it will be spam full of Dark Souls when Dark Souls II comes out
it does yes. Hopefully it will be spam full of Dark Souls when Dark Souls II comes out
User avatar #11 to #5 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
that game is ******* hard. i had it since Christmas, and im stuck just after you get out of the dungeon
#12 to #11 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
some tips then are in order. Don't go into the New Londo Ruins or underground into the Catacombs, you need Transient curses for the Ruins and Divine weapons for the Catacombs. To get past the dragon on the bridge you really just gotta stay to the right and run like hell to the middle, there you can go underneath and find a ladder to a Fire, this time climb up and get the dragon to attack then run back under, he will kill all the enemies. Then, shoot him and stand behind a wall so the fire doesn't get you and run past him when he lands.

To get divine weapons you need to defeat the Moonlight butterfly in the forest, find the dead blacksmith, and bring his ember to the living one.
User avatar #13 to #12 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
thanks man. im still at those stairs where they throw bombs at you. and i dont have any gifts left. i used them all trying to kill the dungeon thing.
#14 to #13 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
This the first stairs next to the Main fire? If so then you need to pull the enemies one by one so the don't gang up on you.

If it's the stairs after the first merchant with 3 fire throwers above you and one behind them with 2 guards then you can take out the 3 first ones with a bow, pull the 2 swords and 1 axe guy out of the building and kill them, then pull the fire thrower and his two guards towards the stairs so they line up one behind the other and take them out, or you can climb up the ladder next to them and take them out from above, either with bows, magic, or jumping down on their heads.
User avatar #15 to #14 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
once im out of the dungeon im in some ruins.i then speak to some knight who looks sad and he tells me something i cant remember. then i go to the right of him and there are some stairs at the edge of the cliff where there is like a bridge in the background.
#34 to #15 - herpderppppp (05/21/2012) [-]
umm. thats like the first ******* 5 minutes of the game. how the **** did you get stuck so early? if you think thats hard youd never beat the game so i wouldnt even bother
#16 to #15 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
Then you sir have found the aqueduct, which leads to the next area. Just keep progressing, make sure not to let the enemies gang up on you.
User avatar #19 to #16 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
i kill them one by one but when im done, i need to heal. but whenever i heal the enemies come back to life.
#21 to #19 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
Have you tried using estus? (game is kind of impossible without it...)
User avatar #22 to #21 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
whats that?
#24 to #22 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
Sorry, url deleted. You should have received an orange flask in the asylum. When used, it heals HP. Recharges at bonfires. For easy use, equip on the equipment screen and press square/X to use without having to access menu
User avatar #27 to #24 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
i didnt get a flask. all i left with was a shield and a sword
User avatar #43 to #27 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
When you were back in the Prison, did you find a dying knight that told you of the prophecy?

He is the one who gives you the Estus flask, it's basically your health potions for the game.
User avatar #48 to #43 - buttlord (05/22/2012) [-]
he gave me a sword and shield
#28 to #27 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
Press start, then go to "Brows and use items" you should see a flask there, the game makes sure you get it, no matter what, in the undead asylum. You can then go to the equipment screen, and to the right of the right handed section should be the item equipment section, with five slots.
User avatar #29 to #28 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
ill look when get time. thanks though
#23 to #22 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
[url deleted]
explanation get!
User avatar #25 to #23 - buttlord (05/21/2012) [-]
no url
#8 to #5 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
It really could use some more Dark Souls...
#9 to #8 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
How can people not love this game?
User avatar #32 to #9 - natanhiel (05/21/2012) [-]
People have had their hand held throughout games. They make it too simple. No challenges in any game I've played lately. I need to complete Dark Souls, but it's angered me. They haven't made it a challenge, they've just made you die a lot due to annoying cheap tricks like arrows and having to fight enemies in a zone that gives them some kind of massive advantage over you.
User avatar #42 to #32 - ReeferTrees (05/21/2012) [-]
That's what a challange is...
Of course you will die alot, until you know what you are doing, then it's easy. I had my save corrupted after getting to NG++ lvl 178. Started back at lvl 1 and got through the first 3 bosses without increasing any stats.
User avatar #45 to #42 - natanhiel (05/22/2012) [-]
A challenge is having to fight real hard enemies. Not dieing over and over again because you miss a simple trap that pushes you down a ravine.
User avatar #47 to #45 - ReeferTrees (05/22/2012) [-]
Knowledge of you're surroundings is vital in fights, so is knowing you're enemy and their likely actions, and their weaknesses. Hell, you can even USE the environment as a weapon if you know how.
#10 to #9 - slightlyawesome (05/21/2012) [-]
Must be the only explanation as to why they don't.
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