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my Staffordshire bull terrier wouldn't hurt a fly (she's scared of pluvers)
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Beagles FTW. I have two from the same litter who turn 3 this week.
Beagles FTW. I have two from the same litter who turn 3 this week.
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my staffie doesn't bark, bite or growl... why does everyone think they're dangerous?

pic related, its obviously my doggy
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Well, your dog should start biting, because if it doesn't, how will it eat?
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heres my staff :) He is a lazy ****** and yes i know the time on the camera is a few years back. :D
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I totally agree my staff is the kindest thing ever, and another dog attacked him and the owner shouted at my dog for being nasty he did get pretty angry then though...
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My pit bull kind of "barks" sometimes when my other dog won't play with him but it's really more of a whining noise. I personally find it hilarious. Also i always make a point to look people straight in the eye when I tell them he is a pit bull just daring them to say anything. He's actually really respects (and is kind of afraid of) my other dog. Guess what kind of dog she is? a terrier mix about one fourth the size of him. here they are together. You're dog looks very sweet by the way.
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i think people think they're dangerous because they are capable of being dangerous when raised he wrong way
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any dog has the potential to be dangerous if raised the wrong way.
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i doubt a chihuahua could be that dangerous
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My little staff got attacked by a Jack Russell the other day while I was out walking him got a deep bite on the back of my dogs leg before I could kick the little ****** . Any dog has the potential to cause damage regardless of size. Patch takes bigger ***** than that stupid JR and all he did was try to get away from the stupid thing, but no, staffies are real dangerous...
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yeah look at my SUPER DANGEROUS staffy doesnt he look terrible?

i hate the name that staffys have, ive had 3 so far in my life and theyve been the most tame and soft dogs ever :L
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Feels incoming man, my family used to have a staffie, friendly -est dog you'd ever meet, i was brought up as a little kid with him, and was he ever violent with me? NO. He was protective! Apparently if anyone would ever go near my cot (or crib whatever you wanna call it) he would apparently growl to make sure i was safe (the only exeptions were my imediate family) so relatives and friends of the family were always kept a close eye on. So he kept watch of me when i was little, but then passed when i was 5, i was to young to understand back then but i see know thta he was as loyal and amazing as a dog could get and i dont think i ever fully appreiciated him.

RIP Jake you were a legend.

And now thanks to chavs and idiots in general this wonderful breed is considered dangerous and unsafe. **** i hate people sometimes.
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my old rottweiler R.I.P einstein the most intelligent, and awesome dog i will ever have
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My rottweiler passed away too :( His name was Skuby and he was the funniest and just the best friend anyone could ask for.

Pic related. Its Skuby
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Ok let me explain something here.

All dogs can be aggressive. With proper training they won't be, but not every dog owner trains their dogs properly, so we'll always have aggressive dogs. The point is, if you have a Chiwawa go crazy, nothing really happens, if you have an American Bull Terrier go crazy they bite people's arms off and kill babies.

This is the same reason you need a license to drive a car, or own a gun, but you don't need a license to ride a bike or buy a pea shooter.

tl;dr all dogs have the potential to be aggressive if not trained properly, only some have potential to be dangerous if not trained properly.
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why the **** my hot dog is so ******* self-defensive? I spent all his childhood playing with him, he slept next to me, all he got was love... but **** , now that bitch attacks small children in the yard.. stupid dog..
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This man/woman/robot has some serious logic. nice one, i'm thumbing as hard as i can.
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I'm surprised huskies aren't one of the dogs they protest against.
They're extremely muscular, and have a tendency to kill small animals even if raised well (fine with humans though).
He got loose one day and killed a neighborhood cat, everyone in my neighborhood has since then viewed him as society views pitbulls pretty much.
He's a little annoying with killing skunks, he does it at least once a year, and it makes him smell for months and months, even with bathing, since he has soo much fur to hold the stench.
Also tries to kill my ferret.
Yet the sweetest dog with humans.
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Main difference is huskies are smaller (:
I had two /: The girl passed away 2 years ago..
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I miss this lil cutie. She was pitbull/german shepherd.
Sweetest dog ever, and was insanely attached to me.
If someone would even yell at me she'd growl, but never bite.
Had to get rid of her when I moved for awhile /:
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yes as you can tell my pitbull is a ferocious animal.
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She*(: Yeah I loves her coat, it's called brindle I believe, but I know what you mean :P

Oh my, she was gorgeous! I'm sorry you lost her /:
I miss my girl husky so much. .She was only 5 ): She came down with a disease called pymetra, from not being spayed..
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Lol no problems (:
You're welcome ^.^ Thank you for the same
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Look at this goddamn vicious beast! Just look at him. He will ******* kill you. Also remember a couple of years ago when rottweilers were evil? And before that it was dobermans?
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That really sucks. Recently here they decided to have a registered ban on pit bulls. We can still keep them but they have to be registered and you have to pay an extra 500 dollars a year.
User avatar #28 to #16 - kimiixpyro (05/19/2012) [-]
o.o That's insane.. I pay $50 a year for my Siberian Husky.. /:
If I had a doberman and a police officer tried to fine me for it, I'd snuff him.
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