Zeus Loves To Fuck Everything. Found whilst Stumbling... The Minotaur was born when Poseidon's most prized white bull was sent to the people of a country (I think it was the Phoenicians, I'm not quite sure) and they w
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The Minotaur was born when Poseidon's most prized white bull was sent to the people of a country (I think it was the Phoenicians, I'm not quite sure) and they were supposed to sacrifice it in the name of Poseidon. Well, they decided the bull was so great, they were just going to slaughter their worst cow in his name. This made Poseidon angry, so he made the King's wife fall in love with said bull. The Queen went to Daedalus and had him create a cow-shaped exo-skeleton that she could climb in and mate with the bull. The offspring of this "forbidden love" was the Minotaur.
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Also, repost. Seen it like ten times.
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What he said ^
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Crete, but otherwise correct.
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Yes, that's right. Thank you, good sire. :) (Sorry, I just checked my inbox for the first time in ages)
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Who could resist this?
Who could resist this?
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first ponyfag in the world
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better post as anon...
better post as anon...
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zeus is into beastiality why didn't i see this before
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Actually, Minos’s wife could not control her passion. In her mind, the only way to be happy was sex. Unfortunately, Minos wasn’t a virile man. Pasiphae had to look elsewhere for her happines.
Minos was the ruler of a kingdom that extended over most of the Balkans. His great power had come from convincing people that the gods where on his side. This did not take much convincing because any man of science could easily sway the Greek population. Minos knew lots about biology, physics, and astronomy. He once predicted a solar eclipse and that gave him control over all the east. What he was most proud of was his animals.
Using all his knowledge of biology, Minos cross breeded all kinds of animals. With careful skill he even harvested a white bull. Minos was a smart man. So he told his people that Poseidon had given him this bull as a gift. The people worshipped Minos even more.
During his hours out with the bulls, Pasiphae was getting very unhappy. Minos would come home late and tired. Pasiphae needed excitement badly. She knew that if she went with Minos to his lab maybe Minos could give her some happines. All she needed was five minutes of his time. The next day she went with Minos to his laboratory.
She was instantly enamored by the bull. She totally forgot about the five minutes she had planned with Minos and concentrated on that bull. She knew she would be forever happy if she could have the white bull. Then she saw the wooden cow. She asked her husband what the wooden cow was for.
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Her husband replied that the cow was used to collect semen from the bulls. He was performing some very important experiments with it. Pasiphae had an idea. While her husband was away she hid inside the cow and prepared for the next experiment. But Thespis, who worked in the lab saw Pasiphae walk into the cow. He knew that Pasiphae wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the cow and him. So he did what any man in his position would and he made the gentle maiden happy.
When Minos came back he asked Thespis where his wife was. Thespis told him that she was inside the wooden cow. Minos found his wife and took her home. Pasiphae was pregnant. Minos announced to everyone that Poseidon’s bull, the white one, had made her pregnant.
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actualy zeus transformed into the animal and ****** a human girl soooo yea mos of the girls were furry lovers.
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You are talking about Europe . Thats not how the story goes .
The story goes that Zeus fell in love with Europe and transformed into a bull and stole her away from her husband .. or something like that .

Picture Related . Its Zeus and Europe . Thats the greek 2 euro coin .
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nice repost bro
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But... Zeus isn't the creation of the minotaur...

You know what, just scroll down and read rubberpig's post... just instead of the logic behind it say the bull actually did it and that the minotaur was born and then imagine it being thrown into a giant maze.
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #3 at Bending **
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #3 at Bending **
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**imagnetsux rolled a random image posted in comment #109 at FUCKING HELL! ** next he ***** this
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poseidon made centaur, he just created them to impress someone. zeus has NOTHING to do with the minotaur, that was the wife of king minos.
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that isn't how the Minotaur came around the queen of a Greek island was impregnated by a white bull
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greek's are funny
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