did you know? 2. penith. did you knoww There is a flower whose seed pods literally explode when touched. did you know‘? Snoop Dogg sold Cameron Diaz weed in hig Cars crashes
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did you know? 2

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did you knoww
There is a flower whose seed pods literally
explode when touched.
did you know‘?
Snoop Dogg sold Cameron Diaz weed in high
did you know?
The Box has a 360 degree view of its
environment and uses four parallel brains to
process images.
you know?
on average, married couples have sex as times
per year.
did you know?
The average person spends two weeks of their
lite kissing.
did you know‘?
it' s possible to change brown eyes to blue
permanently with laser eye surgery.
did you know‘?
Humans are uniquely designed for endurance
running (ER) and can outrun dogs, horses and,
fact, most other animals over longer distances.
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did you know?
When turned sideways, the Americas closely
resemble a duck.
did you know?
A woman woke up at her own funeral and was so
shocked by it that she had a heart attack and
did you know‘?
grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Forest
lolls, Queens. The address exists in real life, and
the family that lives there is The Parkers.
did you know‘?
There is an entire forest (over 80, 000 years old,
in Utah) made up or one single tree, called a
making Aspen. It' s also the heaviest known
organism, weighing at 6, 000, 000 Kg.
did you know‘?
Super Mario has a moustache because he was
too small to draw a mouth on when he was
did you know?
Beer or chocolate milk is better for you than
water after working out,
did you know?
The female praying mantis rips off the male' s
head durin sex.
did you know?
There are 4 people in the u. s with the name
Hem Dem."
did you know‘?
In Hershey, Pennsylvania, the streetlights along
Chocolate Avenue" are in the shape of
Hershey' s Kisses.
did you know?
Rupert Grim (Ron Weasley) owns a hovercraft,
an orange Range Rover, and an ice cream truck.
did you know?
There is a blind guy Daniel Kish who can ride his
bike In traffic - he' s figured out to use
echolocation by clicking his tongue and listening
to the echoes. He can tell a building from as far
as 1000 feet away, differentiate specific kinds of
cars, explore the wilderness by himself, and
generally do all kinds of stuff a sighted person
would do.
did you know?
Psychologists suggest that users are literally in
love with their iphones.
did you know?
Research shows that a hammock improves sleep
quality and makes people fall asleep taster,
did you know?
Olivia Hussey (Juliet) wasn' t allowed to attend
the London premiere of her movie "Romeo and
Juliet" because she was under 18 and the film
contained a nude scene. even though she was
the one who was nude.
did you know?
in Las Vegas, there' s a secret community of
people who live in the sewers.
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