Gamer Tattoos. More to come if I get 100 thumbs for putting it together.<br /> /funny_pictures/370115/Custom+Google+Logos/.. That last one must of really hurt
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#6 - Mkloepper (04/19/2010) [-]
That last one must of really hurt
User avatar #5 - QuickFix (04/19/2010) [-]
z0mg Chad Kreuger!!
#4 - Arkanvita **User deleted account** (04/19/2010) [-]
3rd from bottom... shes so gonna regret that...
User avatar #1 - msrdotwozero (04/18/2010) [-]
FINALLY, something that is funny. But its not in the top 5...yet!
User avatar #2 to #1 - msrdotwozero (04/18/2010) [-]
that might have been better without the exclamation, but anyway get this to the top!
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