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#120 - gutollyr
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(05/14/2012) [-]
being angry at two people getting married because of your religion is like being angry at someone who ate a chocolate cake because you're on a diet
User avatar #132 to #120 - Farthestlight
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(05/14/2012) [-]
Using this logic, I have come to this example:

Being angry at a someone who kills people because they/we are peaceful/innocent/non-criminals and what not.

Being angry at someone who makes crooked/unstable/dangerous roads because you/we/they like straight and flat roads.

Your logic does not make any sense. You can't compare something which as trivial as eating a cake (technically there is nothing wrong with eating a cake) to something as great as angering God or defying the laws of human nature.
User avatar #190 to #132 - lasomacintosh
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(05/15/2012) [-]
His logic does make sense. Eating Chocolate cake doesn't affect anybody except for the person eating the chocolate cake. Murderers harm other people, and dangerous roads are a hazard to the general public.

What goes on in the privacy of somebody's bedroom doesn't affect you in the slightest. It's not like there are gays blowing each other on your front lawn, or breaking in to your house and ******* you in the ass.

Besides, if the gays are angering God, God will take care of it.

"For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people." Hebrews 10:30

Why don't you mind your own business and let God handle it. (assuming he gives a ****)

User avatar #239 to #190 - Farthestlight
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(05/15/2012) [-]
I am afraid it does concern me. I do not want my children to become gays in the future or anyone else for that matter just because I keep my mouth shut. If gays kept it quiet and did their stuff in the privacy of their bedrooms as you say, there wouldn't be as many problems as there are today. Anyways, as you said, if they are angering God (which I am sure they are), then god will deal with them but it is also my duty to warn them and try to guide them to the right path. I do not wish any harm to befall gay people, they humans just like me after all but what I do not want even more is to anger God.
User avatar #332 to #239 - gutollyr
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(05/15/2012) [-]
why would it be so bad if your children were to turn out gay?
User avatar #333 to #332 - Farthestlight
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(05/15/2012) [-]
Can you please read my comments below that reply to goll, thanks. The information I posted should be sufficient to point out why. If you do ever decide to respond back, I would like to apologize in advance for not replying on time because I will be very busy for the next few weeks but I will respond nevertheless, thanks.
User avatar #335 to #333 - gutollyr
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(05/16/2012) [-]
But you say it'll lead to people wanting to marry animals etc... like someone's already pointed out, that's ridiculous. A gay marriage is between two human beings who know what they want. Why does someone else's happiness effect you so much?
User avatar #336 to #335 - Farthestlight
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(05/18/2012) [-]
The example about marrying animals may seem ridiculous at the moment, and I agree with that, but if unnatural stuff like gay relationships continue, it will become a possibility. Long time ago many people thought that Gay relationships were ridiculous as well but look at what is happening now.

I think it a crime (not to mention a sin) to have a Gay relationship. Therefore I compare itwith other crimes (or sins);

Someone who kills people and finds happiness in that, why does it affect me so much?
Someone who commits adultery find happiness in that, why does it affect me so much?
Someone who steals and finds happiness in that, why does it affect me so much?

If the examples below (replies to Goll) haven't convince you I don't know what will. Human beings were created with either a penis or a vagina, it is natural for one male and one female to come together and make babies. With gays on the other hand, there are so many incompatibility issues and problems; because of that they will never find true love and happiness (at least not to the level of straight couples). Just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should. I know why so many Gays become what they are (molested or raped when younger, hated and spited by the opposite gender etc), and I feel sorry for them but they have to understand that what they are doing is wrong. By allowing Gay marriage, what we are doing is accepting them into the society which will only create more problems and the possibility of fixing the deviation will never arrive. Being Gay is a psychological sickness, that is why when someone felt Gay in the past they would go to a Psychiatrist.
User avatar #337 to #336 - gutollyr
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(05/18/2012) [-]
How can you even compare those three examples to two men in love? those three examples effect someone, be it by losing their life, losing their sense of innocence or an object of theirs. Two men in love effects no one but small minded people like you(no offense), who are against them being together for no reason. Like i pointed out, humans will never be able to marry an animal, because that animal is unable to give consent. Who are you to tell two men that they can never be completely in love or find true happiness?

Also, could you please tell me where in the bible is says that homosexuality is wrong?
User avatar #339 to #337 - Farthestlight
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(05/21/2012) [-]
Sorry for replying late again but as I said I will be very busy these next few months so I can't log on much.

If you truly read the comments I wrote in reply to Goll below, you would understand that I am a Muslim, not a Christian. Therefore, you would be able to understand that homosexuality is in fact prohibited in my religion. I agree that those examples I gave were a bit off but never the less, I am sure I can come up with more rational examples given time. A cheating husband/wife for example may find happiness in what they are doing.

In reality, I wouldn't be the one that is close/small minded here. I am open to fact, opinion, scientific evidence, religious proof; you name it. I understand that people may have different opinions than mine and therefore I try to explain as calmly and rationally as possible. The fact that I haven't written you off (which most "religious" people do) only emphasizes my point.

When it comes to gay people doing their thing, that act in itself wouldn't make any sense; there is no compatibility. If you are a religious person you would understand that God created people with either a penis or a vagina for a reason. If you don't agree with my animal marrying example, that is fine, people shouldn't be compared with animals anyway but you can at least open your mind to the other facts that exist.

"who are against them being together for no reason."

Quite the contrary, I have multiple reasons. Gay people do what they do because they are following their desires. I, on the other hand, am trying my best not to let my desire overcome me. If these Gay people truly believed in God, they would not do such acts to anger him. How do I know that Gay people anger God? There exists the story of Lot and his people that had gay relationships, the link is below if you want to read it.


I am really trying my best to explain this topic as best I can and hoping that God can open your eyes to the truth. Thanks.
User avatar #340 to #339 - gutollyr
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(05/21/2012) [-]
Ok, well i respect your opinion, and respect that you believe so strongly in your religion.

I just don't understand what the problem is when two men are in love, how it effects you, or anyone else for that matter. I have many friends who are gay, they are just like me, but obviously find men attractive, where as i find women attractive.

Are you trying to say that two men can not be in love?

Clearly you're not going to understand my point, and i am not going to understand yours.
User avatar #341 to #340 - Farthestlight
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(05/22/2012) [-]
I have always understood your viewpoint actually. When religion is involved (or any other time for that matter), I always take the time to understand different perspectives, what causes them and why they are there. I too respect your opinion, for you seem like a very knowledgeable and reasonable fellow.

I am not saying that gay people can't love each other (whether they are lesbian or gay). I know that people can learn to love anything given time or the right perspective. What I am trying to say is that they are loving the wrong thing. Men are supposed to love women and the same vice versa. Two people from the same gender loving each other (in a sexual way) is wrong scientifically, logically and spiritually.

It is a matter of ethics. While two men or women may love each other (love is blind after all), it does not mean that what they are doing is right or good. Feeling/being "gay" is actually a physiological sickness, which explains why people went to a psychologist when they felt gay in the past. However, when it became popular a few decades ago, gay people went on strike and they removed it as a physiological sickness; which is wrong because you can't let emotions decide over scientific evidence right? People go on strike because they think 1 + 1 = 3, therefore the government changes it.

I am not "fighting" against the gays, I am only doing my best to make people realize that what they are doing is in fact genuinely wrong. I do not allow emotions or ideals to cloud my judgement; only logic, common sense and cold hard evidence. Today's world is run by people following their desires and emotions, this will only to our destruction as human race.

Until next time, peace be with you.
User avatar #342 to #341 - gutollyr
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(05/22/2012) [-]
i think it's the fact that you call it a sickness is what makes it sound so offensive.

i agree with you when you said that a person is not born gay/lesbian, it depends on their upbringing as a child, the people they're with, what they experience etc...

but how is that any different to someone being brought up in a certain religion? one does not choose how they are brought up, therefor, they are not in control of this, and it would be unfair to judge someone on something they are not responsible of.

you say that it has changed, people are accepting this 'sickness', but why is it deemed a sickness? Why is it so wrong for people to be able to be accepted for what they are. They're doing no harm to anyone (and by your logic, it is only to themselves) so what issue is there?

You must understand that not all people agree with your muslim views, right? So why can you not understand that people think that homosexuality is not a bad thing, and is absolutely fine.

My soul point is, these people really are not effecting anyone at all.

You could argue that for example, two dads that come together and adopt a child would then 'infect' that child with their 'sickness'. Under 4% of children who are brought up by a homosexual couple turn out to be homosexual themselves, what does that tell you?

I am very much enjoying this conversation, i really am keen to learn why religion is so against homosexuality.
User avatar #343 to #342 - Farthestlight
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(06/01/2012) [-]
Sorry for the delayed response AGAIN, too much work too little time.

I apologize if the term "sickness" offended you, it was the best word I could think of at the time. If you so wish, you/we can call it a condition or state of mind, it doesn't matter really.

You are correct. This isn't much different from being brought up in a certain religion. One does not choose how they are brought up. I am not judging them for being brought up that way, quite the contrary, I feel even more sorry for them and those type of people (unlike those who choose willingly to become gay when they are adults or something). Religion is a matter of faith and beliefs, homosexuality on the hand alters nature, logic and basic human interaction, creating a "freak of nature" if you so wish.

Psychologists exist for one main reason, to help those who have experienced serious trauma or events that changed their state of mind and made them "not normal or sane."

By my logic, homosexuality does, in fact, harm to every single person on this planet as I have explained in my responses to Goll below.

I do not want to start getting all preachy preachy because I know how much you guys hate that but I will say this. Islam isn't a view, it is the truth. Its not a man made religion like Hinduism or Buddhism (mind you no offense is meant but it is pretty obvious). Islam has been around since the beginning of time. Unfortunately it is now misinterpreted and hated thanks to the media and these so called "terrorists." I encourage people to do their own research rather than rely on others for their information.

If it wasn't for my fear of angering God or going hell, I would probably be a flaming homosexual by now as well, who knows. However, at the same time, I am educated not only in religion but also science and logic as well. Even without religion to back up my statements, I have my scientific knowledge, logic and common sense to help me make educated statements.

Character count full, until next time.
#186 to #132 - goll
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(05/15/2012) [-]
but having dangerous roads and killing people are unsafe and affect us negatively but gay marriage does not affect you in the slightest except for you being butthurt about people having a different opinion then your own
User avatar #328 to #186 - Farthestlight
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(05/15/2012) [-]
Having gay people run loose will ultimately have the same affect; damaging people and society as a whole. Now let me tell you why:

1. Being gay is unnatural - Whenever someone says that being gay is unnatural, people respond with "there are some things in nature that exhibit gay behavior ." This of course is just wrong, one cannot compare human nature with the nature of animals. Using the same logic, one can say that females killing their mates is natural because praying mantises and some spiders do so (they bite off the males head).

2. Being gay will open the door to other crazy ideas - Allowing gays to roam around and getting married will open doors to other even crazier schemes. If this continues on, people will start to say that they want to marry their dog, horse or whatever. After all, how can you let two people from the same sex get married when they can't reproduce or have sex the proper why (the anus isn't even considered a reproductive organ, so lets not start with that) but not humans with animals (sick and twisted it seems now, I am relatively sure that this could occur in the future).

3. People are NOT born gay - Contrary to popular belief, people cannot be born gay. When a child is born into this world, he/she is innocent and free of all worries. It is ultimately how they were raised as kids/teenagers and how they interacted with other people that unfortunately makes them gay.

How does all of this affect us negatively? With homosexuality becoming publicized more and more every day, the children of the future will think that it is okay, when it is not. The rest is for you to decide, if you aren't convinced then what can I say? May God guide you to the straight path. If you want to debate on this, we can because I am that confident in my "opinions." I would have added more but the maximum character counter is full.

Now for some opinions from other people:


User avatar #329 to #328 - goll
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(05/15/2012) [-]
1.there are a lot of things that are unnatural like most fabric nowadays plastic, iron and that is just base materials i am not even going to get into complicated stuff are you saying we should just scrap everything and go back to the bronze age?
2.the other crazy ideas are already there, gay marriage has nothing to do with them. people will never get to marry animals they are of another species but even putting the species difference aside. gay marriage are fundamentally different gay people as consenting adults should be able to marry each other but animals are not intelligent and cannot give consent therefore cannot marry. and also not all gay people have anal sex and straight people can have anal sex too so that is not really a part of the argument here.
3. being born gay or raised gay is a part of the nature vs. nurture thing and is heavily debated. it is not fact one way or the other and therefore is not a viable fact to argue with
#330 to #329 - anon id: e2083f63
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(05/15/2012) [-]
1. We are talking about the nature of human beings, not abiotic things. Plastic, iron, glass and whatnot cannot think and act as living things can. To be perfectly honest, I don't even what connection you are trying to make here.

2. Yes, even while the idea is out (some people marrying animals), it is not as big of an issue as having gay people marry. I am not trying to insult gay people (or anyone else for that matter) by comparing them with animals, I am only trying to make a point. Aside from animals, there are even people that want (and even have!) to marry objects and video game or cartoon character (such as that lady that "married" the Eiffel tower or that man that "married" a video game character). Regarding the "anal" matter, it is forbidden to partake in anal sex in my religion (Islam, but lets not get that in it, unless you want to, since I haven't brought religion into this until now), so in away it is a viable argument.

3. It is a FACT, that people are NOT born gay, otherwise I wouldn't have brought it into this argument. If you may allow me to bring religion into this once more, there are many religions that believe in destiny or divine foreordainment. This is basically the fact that God already knows how we are going to live our lives and therefore has even written out our lives for us and we merely live in accordance to what is written (there ARE multiple ways to change your destiny or whatnot, well in my religion anyway). Apart from religion, only science and logic can convince people that it true. Logic would state that it is up to the person to choose what they become when they grow up (otherwise, why would they have a penis/vagina? Did God make a mistake? I think not). Countless years of research about human behavior and lifestyles have led scientists and researchers to believe that our actions and the actions of others decide who we ultimately become in the future.
#125 to #120 - lifeisahighway
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(05/14/2012) [-]
Well, not exactly but I'm Catholic and I thank gays should be allowed to marry.
#126 to #125 - lifeisahighway
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(05/14/2012) [-]
User avatar #129 to #126 - TheCanadianPatriot
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(05/14/2012) [-]
Actually it kind of is. Gays getting married affects the life of a religion person in the same way as somebody eating chocolate cake affects the life of a person on a diet. Conclusion, they don't like seeing it but at the end of the day their lives are the same.