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thas a lota Heineken
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I can't drink Heineken any more.
If you usually drink Heineken you end by hating it, it has almost no taste at all (which is the reason why lots of young beer drinkers start by Heineken)

(I know you don't give a **** , it's just that I hate everyone who goes around wearing Heineken sweaters and Heineken related stuff and thinking "look at me, I'm a ******* god, bitches love me", and they have never tasted a good beer like the one in the pic).
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Excuse my spelling.. Amerifag here so I'm just going to spell it out as it sounds like a 2nd grader.. Is that Heffy Visen?
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No, it's a Franziskaner.
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But you can drink banana heffy? Fransizkaner is not my forte.
Ill have one of these.
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Well, it is a soft, light, almost tasteless beer, so it's easy to drink for starters. Also, it's a snake eating its own tail: people (people who are starting with beer) drink Heineken because it's famous, and Heineken is famous because people drink it. Marketing and stuff.

Even Carlsberg is a better beer, to me Heineken is like water with gas that makes you pee more often.

I guess that, let's face it, beer is bitter, and it takes a while until you don't get used to it and start enjoying the taste of the beer itself. For example, I don't like wine at all, only sweet ones, like Lambrusco or Moscatell.

Where I live, you can get Heineken in almost every supermarket, but you only find it in night locals (pubs and discos and similar), in other places like cafeterias or regular bars it's harder to find, and way more expensive, so people drink Estrella or San Miguel. But Heineken has all the marketing stuff that makes you believe it's a great beer.

There's nothing like a good ol' Paulaner.

Ah, and BTW, you live in Belgium, where beer is way cheaper (I think). Here, only bad beer cost less than 50 cents/can at supermarkets, for example Paulaner costs 1,40 euro the 1/2 L bottle. And Heineken is almost the cheapest between the "not bad" ones.

TL; DR: Heineken has marketing and it's light enough to start drinking beer.
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I think the point is marketing, and that's all. Ads keep saying that Heineken is a great beer and everyone believes it, like I said it's circular.
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yeah it's alot due to marketing but it's also very easy to drink if youw ant to drink alot and get drunk but then again the same goes for most pils, I'm not that much into jupiler actually, i prefer grolsch (i'm dutch im not sure if grolsch is international) it's also pils but better taste then heineken. then again real beer has way better taste then both
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you guys don't have that? that's ashame, but you do know the taste??
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grolsch jonguh ! :p
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godmondeju! ik zeg je toch grolsch!
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Vind ik maar plattekes, ne goeien Duvel ofzo
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ja dat is eigenlijk gewoon iets heel anders ^^
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saint arnolds has a lot of good stuff, especially their stouts
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I started with this
It sucks though, barely anyone knows about it so I feel like a Hipster
(If you can't read it, it says Moose Drool.
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MONTANA!!!! I live in the pac-northwest so i know for sure how good Big Sky is.
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Lucky you.
I started with Estrella Damm, Heineken and Carlsberg.
Today, from the original trio, I only drink Carlsberg. And Estrella occasionally.
I guess, though, that if I hadn't started with light ones I would never have liked beer.
Now I love Douglas Irish Red, Paulaner, Franziskaner, malt beer...
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thumbs up for franziskaner, let me guess, weißbier?
User avatar #13 to #12 - novren (05/14/2012) [-]
It's wheat beer.
(I don't know what weißbier means, GoogleTranslate says it means "White beer", but idk why weißbier reminds me of that kind of beer, maybe it means the same)
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