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#282 - jakobxyz (05/14/2012) [-]
country ♫
#290 to #282 - domethius (05/14/2012) [-]
no... no... NO!!!!!!!!!!!

i hear country every damn day, and i loathe ANY person, group, or society that enjoys it.
#293 to #290 - themissingpotato (05/14/2012) [-]
you may want to get that checked out you see there are two kinds of people who like it faggots and people raised with it
#309 to #298 - themissingpotato (05/14/2012) [-]
actualy i made that comment with a smile pic as closely related as i could get it
#317 to #311 - themissingpotato (05/14/2012) [-]
you are a cruel hearted person i have been nothing but kind to you so now one automatic soap retriever to help you in prison which is where you will probably end up with that kind of attitude
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