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#54 - dingojohn
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(05/13/2012) [-]
ITT: People discuss first time jerking off !
#81 to #54 - anon id: eb52d92d
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(05/14/2012) [-]
>be 9, heard that rubbing your penis feels good. Grind **** at first for months than fap.
#61 to #54 - sumakabob **User deleted account**
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#66 to #61 - dingojohn
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(05/13/2012) [-]
>just turned 13
>guys at school talk about fapping
>of course I know what it is, but never tried it
>come home and play some CS 1.6 (**** yeah)
>some guys spray is some hot, lesbian ****
>"WTF dick, stop getting hard now, I'm gaming!"
>**** this ****, google boobs and stuff like that
>pull pants a bit down, rub dick hard
>a bit of thick fluid comes out the tip and feel weird in the dick, almost like I have to pee
>pull pants up and run to bathroom
>pull pants down and go to town on poor willy
>feels like I'm going to pee all over, but it feels good, so keep on going
>knees get all wobbly and ****
>suddenly EXPLOSION, cream shooting from my johnson all over my pants and the floor
>great ******* feeling, when suddenly a sharp pain erupts at the root of my dick
>get cramps in right thigh and fall down on floor
>lie there for 5 minutes confused about WTF just happened