Meme Madness: Quarterfinals. SEMIFINALS: <br /> /funny_pictures/371527/Meme+Madness+Semifinals/. Welcome to the quarterfinals, everyone, and congratulatio obscurity meme m
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Meme Madness: Quarterfinals

Welcome to the quarterfinals, everyone, and congratulations if your memes made it
this far! As we begin to boil down to the final contestants, we begin to have some
tough votes, such as Rage Guy VS. FUCK YEA Guy, and Foul Bachelor Frog VS.
Philosoraptor. We also have the entrance of slowpoke! In match 4, choose one of the
3. Vote for the favorites, and begin to make predictions who will win! And now, for
the bra cket:
Want to vote, but don' t know how? In
the comments, type your vote like this:
L Philosoraptor
2. FUCK] YEA Guy
it Technologically Impaired Duck
4. EFG
Above is just an example. Vote who
you think should he the champ! Votes
MUST be in above format so it' s easier
to count, otherwise it may not he
counted. May the best meme win!
Credit goes to Wernette far coming up was the idea. This mast
erected by , we are not thumed whores. we just want
to know what you guys titani: is. the best meme of oil. Ifyou
have any questions of comments, feel free to Phil one of us.
Please vote" guns! F
All right, I' m ready for
round 1 guise!
are the matchups:
L Foul Bachelor Frog VS. Philosoraptor
2. Rage Guy VS. FUCK YEA Guy
3. Staredad VS. Technologically Impaired Duc
4, Confucius VS. EEG VS. Slowpoke
On round 4, vote for only ON E of the 3!
art Incoming soon]
Views: 10516 Submitted: 04/17/2010